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Jonathan Lethem on the subversive power of comics and science fiction
I like Lethem, but I hope Dissident Gardens is better than his last novel Chronic City, which was fucking terrible. #   ·

An introduction to Rush, the biggest cult band in the world
Rush put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. You should see it too. #   ·

Cooking for Geeks
I need to get this at some point. #   ·

The Restart Page
Geek alert: you could easily lose an hour with these simulated start-up routines for various OSes. A lovely little piece of computing history. #   ·

Gateways to Geekery: Giallo
I love The AV Club’s Gateways to Geekery - this one on giallo is a very handy primer - and I’m thinking it’s an idea that would lend itself very well to print… #   ·

Gateways to Geekery: Kurt Vonnegut
Confession time: I’ve never read any Vonnegut. But he really seems like my kind of writer. #   ·

Gateways to Geekery: Japanese Noise-Rock
Bit of a genre mash-up here, as none of the bands really sounds like the others, but still a decent introduction to underground and experimental rock in Japan. #   ·

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