6 Microlog entries tagged with ‘hacks’

Cooking for Geeks
I need to get this at some point. #   ·

Compute it yourself
“The only way to get the sense of a fully hackable world is to dive in.” Great primer on getting started with the tangible internet (Arduino, etc). #   ·

A new micro clearfix hack
Filing this for future reference. #   ·

Mat Honan’s hack for auto-tracking shipments
That’ll save me doing the ol’ copy-paste-return. #   ·

How to add contact information to your Mac’s login screen
Handy tip, this. Somewhat related: Create an ‘AppleCare’ account (to protect your machine when it goes in for repairs). #   ·

Tiny Useful Things: MyTravelMaps
I’m going to do this next time I go away somewhere that requires some navigation. #   ·

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