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Dublin Rising 1916-2016
Easily the best thing to come out of the Rising commemorations is Google’s audio-visual time-travelling tour of the sites and events of that tumultuous time. #   ·

Filtered for historical facts
And bringing some life to rigid figures from dusty history books. #   ·

Wikipedia entry on Philip Graves
The infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion was debunked by this Irish journalist. Something we can really be proud of, not this year’s Easter Rising self-congratulation bullshit. #   ·

announcing overshare: the links.net story
Now there’s a blast from the past. #   ·

The Meat Puppets’ 1980 Home Studio Sessions
Derrick Bostrom continues his archeology of his erstwhile band’s musical evolution. #   ·

Mr Turner & Mrs Somerville
Some background on the most interesting character in Mike Leigh’s disappointing Turner biopic. I’d much rather see a film about her. #   ·

The vast, unplayable history of video games
There’s a very important point here about the ownership of cultural artefacts, and how the digital era has defined that ownership squarely in favour of the corporate producer (leading to legal absurdities like software licences becoming a template for every kind of non-physical media). It’s not just about games; if films are no longer being preserved on reels of celluloid, and only exist on the hard drives of some movie studio’s IT department, how can we trust they’ll still be around in decades to come? #   ·

The eeriness of the English countryside
Is there an Irish equivalent? Certainly we have our own folklore and cultural history, but stories of mischievous faeries and the like don’t really compare to the dread inspired by the ghosts of England’s heritage. The closest local connection I can make is the music (and presentation) of From the Bogs of Aughiska but I’m probably missing the blindingly obvious. #   ·

The Cobweb: What the Web Said Yesterday
On the Internet Archive’s (and others’) attempts to preserve some kind of fixed account of a web that’s constantly in flux – with new information replacing old, or merely hiding it, not to mention the scourge of link rot. #   ·

Roads Were Not Built for Cars
Did you know Henry Ford ripped off the idea of the assembly line from bicycle factories? There’s plenty of tidbits like that in this review of a new book busting the myths of road ownership. #   ·

The book rustlers of Timbuktu: how Mali’s ancient manuscripts were saved
Malians aren’t stupid: they know the value of their history and heritage. Long may their good work continue. #   ·

The Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect
Added to my Instapaper queue. Also: serendipitous considering the day I had yesterday, typos aplenty. #   ·

Economic Hardcore: Remembering the Minutemen Nearly 30 Years Later
A great essay on my favourite band. Read it. #   ·

The gloves are off
Bee pointed out how no one wears gloves handing old documents in BBC Four historical documentaries anymore, so I hit up Google to see if there was anything to it, and immediately found this, the answer we wanted! #   ·

The 1925 ‘Hollywood Subway’
I knew a little about the tunnels and such (and LA Noire, of course) but had never read the full story till now. #   ·

Yea, verily wast he tricked oute withe many fineries
Love this thread on linguistic ananchronisms that turn out to be anything but. AskMeFi earns another ‘best of the web’ star from me. #   ·

Cartographies of Time
“Selections from a captivating history of timelines—from time circles to time dragons, to a history of the world drawn on a single piece of paper.” #   ·

The Ghosts of D&D
An in-depth look at the state of tabletop RPG gaming, past, present and future. See also: more background on the series from its author. #   ·

The Restart Page
Geek alert: you could easily lose an hour with these simulated start-up routines for various OSes. A lovely little piece of computing history. #   ·

How the Potato Changed the World
Added to the ‘Things I didn’t know’ file: tomatoes can be affected by potato blight [c/o The Morning News]. #   ·

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