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Your Internet Friends Are Real: A Defense Of Online Intimacy
It’s 2015 and this is still a thing? #   ·

The Cobweb: What the Web Said Yesterday
On the Internet Archive’s (and others’) attempts to preserve some kind of fixed account of a web that’s constantly in flux – with new information replacing old, or merely hiding it, not to mention the scourge of link rot. #   ·

Internet Under Fire Gets New Manifesto
There are so many YES lines to pick from this, but right now I’m going with number 117: We, the People of the Net, cannot fathom how much we can do together because we are far from finished inventing how to be together. #   ·

The way we love now: couples who meet online
Isn’t this the norm now? I know it wasn’t so much when Bee and I met, so we kinda had two stories going for a while, but come on, it’s 2012 now, this is how things are! #   ·

The Information: How the Internet Gets Inside Us
Adam Gopnik elucidates the ways in which technology changes society, and how people react to this change: the clash between the Never-Betters, the Better-Nevers and the Ever-Wasers [c/o Infovore]. #   ·

As it happened: The Dáil debate on the ‘Irish SOPA’
In which Junior Minister Sean Sherlock attempts to defend his proposed through-the-back-door copyright legislation. “The best way of dealing with copyright infringement issues is on a case-by-case basis by means of a judicial process,” says the minister. Alas, if only the judgements made so far weren’t fundamentally flawed… #   ·

A response to Sean Sherlock’s Drivetime interview on Ireland’s SOPA
Someone needs to be challenging Minister Sherlock (and the rest of the Dáil) on these matters directly. That Radio 1 interview made a hames of it, IMHO: he simply wasn’t confronted with all the facts. #   ·

Ireland’s SOPA to permit three strikes; TDs asked to debate something they haven’t seen
Incidentally, adds TJ McIntyre, the move contradicts the minister’s own Programme for Government which states that “The situation can no longer be tolerated where Irish Ministers enact EU legislation by statutory instrument. The checks and balances of parliamentary democracy are by-passed.” And they say trust in government is rising? Not with me it isn’t. #   ·

Ireland and EU to sign controversial ACTA treaty
This is what happens when politicians think they know what they’re signing, but don’t understand its wider implications. #   ·

Marco Ament on ‘the next SOPA’
The web censorship bills might be shelved for now, but will no doubt return in this or some other form — unless there is an aggressive push for campaign finance reform, and a recognition that unless we stop giving money to the MPAA et al, they will keep coming back. #   ·

Why SOPA and PIPA Must Die
Waxy.org’s Andy Baio on his personal reasons for opposing the web censorship bills. Also: Matt Haughey outlines how they could be used to silence important web resources such as MetaFilter with a chilling story. #   ·

Dan Gillmor: Stop Sopa or the web really will go dark
The journalist and author of We the Media fame makes the case in The Guardian for net neutrality and electronic freedom (be sure also to check The Guardian’s SOPA page). #   ·

A SOPA/PIPA Blackout Explainer
Wired’s Threat Level blog lays it all out in point-by-point form. #   ·

The Net Generation, 1974-83
This is where I fit in, I guess. I think I got caught between two stools as I didn’t even have a computer till the very late ’90s. #   ·

Five Emotions Invented By The Internet
That third one? That’s me, that is. #   ·

Irish ISPs rally against record label anti-piracy threat
A good thing, too. The mainstream can suck a lemon; real music needs the audience the internet can provide. #   ·

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