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Marco Ament on ‘the next SOPA’
The web censorship bills might be shelved for now, but will no doubt return in this or some other form — unless there is an aggressive push for campaign finance reform, and a recognition that unless we stop giving money to the MPAA et al, they will keep coming back. #   ·

One thousand diners: Britain’s biggest restaurant opens
Say what you want about gluttony, poor quality, etc: what the farmers’ market/street foodie crowd doesn’t get is that it’s about bang for your buck. I love the richer textures and flavours of superior produce, but it doesn’t half cost a bomb. Give me a cheap all-you-can-eat buffet with a gazillion choices any day. #   ·

RFID tokens on the Shenzhen Metro
Making the future more palatable by combining traditional and hypermodern forms of money. Funny how it’s only for the tourists, though… #   ·

Counting the cost of the long journey home
The one thing that seems to be forgotten with the recent stories and flighty prose about the ash cloud disruption is how most people just don’t have the time or the money! We have tight budgets, jobs to get back to, medicine to take, promises to keep, etc — we simply can’t sit there and wait while the airlines leave us hanging. #   ·

Stop the war (the other one)
Ben Edwards runs the numbers. Sigh. If only politics was really about serving the people… #   ·

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