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‘A Front-Row Seat. To Misery.’
The NYT caught up with some of the Mets fans whose anguish its photographer captured during the play that cost their team — our team — the World Series last year #LetsGoMets #   ·

The Microcomplaint: Nothing Too Small to Whine About
I think this is more a case of social media amplifying the minor quibbles about life’s trivial complications that we all have into loudspeaker life-or-death proclamations. #   ·

Where the Mets Found New Fans in 2015
Hopping on the bandwagon, eh? I’ll admit, though, I wish I’d paid more attention last season. Getting tempted to re-up the MLB.tv sub I cancelled last year. #   ·

Kamasi Washington’s Giant Step
Behind the scenes with today’s jazz wunderkind. I need to give The Epic another go, as the lush arrangements on my first listen put me off (but I did appreciate it when the first track opened up a little and Kamasi started wailing on the sax). #   ·

Stir-Fried Chicken With Ketchup
Just chicken, flour, oil, seasoning and regular store-bought ketchup? Okay, I’m doing this. #   ·

The Agency
“From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid “trolls” has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet — and in real-life American communities.” This story is crazy, and it’s got ‘1970s-style conspiracy thriller’ written all over it. #   ·

Recipe for creamy macaroni and cheese
I think this could do with some tweaking; I doubt it needs a pound of cheese. #   ·

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating
Exactly what it says on the link. #   ·

In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas
This idea that the even the thought of bad things is near if not equivalent to the things themselves is at best ridiculously precious, at worst actually dangerous, and borderline fascist. It’s completely separate from the notion of safe spaces in a society where institutional/cultural discrimination is a real problem, though I don’t quite see the point of getting het up about ‘microaggressions’ (aside from the category error of using specific academic terms in a generic cultural context, who defines such, anywho?) when the credo ‘don’t be a dick’ seems to suffice. (And yes, I recognise my level of privilege as a white male, yet I also recognise that privilege is a network of intersections and mutual confirmations and negations, not a straight-forward pyramid of social strata like class.) #   ·

What Happened When Marissa Mayer Tried to Be Steve Jobs
Disappointing that this piece embellishes the valid criticism of Mayer’s tenure at Yahoo! by putting across her general distrust of people without a third-level degree (strangely irrational for an engineer, that) as a specific dislike of other women-with-currency like Gwyneth Paltrow, handbags at dawn and all that. It’s just one of a few asides and examples that lend this text an distasteful, condescending tone. #   ·

The New York Times on ‘The Rise of Beefcake Yoga’
I’ve been meaning to get in on the DDP Yoga thing for a while, because I’ve seen the results. #   ·

Wrestling Reporter Dave Meltzer Tries To Keep It Real
The New York Times profiles the legendary ‘dirt sheet’ writer and publisher. Other fandoms (as they call them now) have their zines, and a whole culture behind them that’s only latterly been celebrated more widely (oh, you hipsters), but wrestling has the dirt sheets, and Meltzer sets the standard. See also: Meltzer talks about his unique gig with Colt Cabana. #   ·

Always the Same Thing
“I don’t care what I eat so long as it is always the same.” Maybe Wittgenstein never said that, but that’s not as important as the notion that it’s totally plausible. A man after my own heart, that Ludwig. #   ·

The Rock ’n’ Roll Casualty Who Became a War Hero
What Jason Everman did after Nirvana and Soundgarden. #   ·

Mandy Patinkin: ‘I Behaved Abominably’
But he’s making up for it now. One of my favourite actors, this guy, and I can’t even tell you why. #   ·

Who Made That Soy-Sauce Dispenser?
That trademark Kikkoman spout is basically an inverted teapot. Sometimes the simplest things are the most marvellous. See also: HiLobrow’s rolling history of condiments. #   ·

Fanfare for the Comma Man
Thankfully an article about the sensible use of commas; that Oxford comma rubbish is for people who can’t be bothered rewriting their sentences to remove potential ambiguities. They’re usually the same kind who are prejudiced against the semi-colon. But I digress. #   ·

My Guantánamo Nightmare
The shocking story of one man’s abuse at the hands of a system (and a society) determined that ‘someone’ should pay for evil deeds done, whether they’re guilty or not. Utterly shameful. #   ·

David Carr #NYT and fearless journalism…
Deadline is the BBC Storyville title for Page One, which is on Netflix in Ireland and probably worth a month’s subscription alone. #   ·

Irish Palates, Enticed by Other Carbs, Are Losing Their Taste for a Signature Starch
I don’t know why people are so hung up over spuds. Get baby potatoes and steam them and they’re ready in no time, and you don’t lose as much of the nutrients either. #   ·

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