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I’m on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted by drones
This is Brazil come to reality, it really is. #   ·

Frankie Boyle: Isis wants an insane, medieval race war – and we’ve decided to give them one
Here’s a better take on the IS/Daesh scourge, from a man whose political commentary is more agreeable to me than his comedy. Such is life. Speaking of Daesh, here’s an explanation of why the name is gaining currency (and why some people have a hard time understanding it). #   ·

What ISIS Really Wants
My eyes glaze over at what passes for an apologia for Islamophobia in the middle of this piece, but I’ll accept that Islam as a religion is no better or worse than any other. Whatever the faith, it’s what its adherents do that counts. #   ·

They’re Terrorists. They’re Organized. They’re Americans.
If you’re organising to instil fear in people’s lives? That’s the very definition of terrorism. And the fact that they’re exploiting the militarisation of American policing makes it doubly insidious. #   ·

La Guerre Éternelle
Leonard Pierce says everything that needs to be said about last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris and their aftermath. #   ·

My Guantánamo Nightmare
The shocking story of one man’s abuse at the hands of a system (and a society) determined that ‘someone’ should pay for evil deeds done, whether they’re guilty or not. Utterly shameful. #   ·

Giving the FBI What It Wants
A digital media academic takes the extreme approach when he learns he’s being watched by the Feds. I understand what he’s doing, but he’s very much missing the point, and doing a disservice to those who don’t have his technical nouse. #   ·

Some real Shock and Awe: Racially profiled and cuffed in Detroit
A truly depressing story. If it’s true what the AP story says, that they were reported by cabin crew, that makes it even worse. #   ·

We’re all terror suspects now
“They’re patting us down now, my friends object, and they’re confiscating our contact-lens fluid. They’re forcing us to travel with tiny tubes of toothpaste and moving us to wear loafers when usually we’d prefer lace-ups … I listen to their grousing and think that the one thing the 9/11 attacks have achieved, for those of us who spend too much time in airports, is to make suspicion universal; fear and discomfort are equal-opportunity employers now.” #   ·

Wikipedia entry on the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
No longer willing to fill this blog with more depressing/angering reports of continuing atrocities — such as the killing of UN peacekeepers despite numerous warnings — I’m filing this for future reference; I don’t think it’ll be beaten as a concise historial record of these recent events for some time. #   ·

Former hostage Brian Keenan gives his perspective on the current Middle East crisis
Wise words from someone who knows what he’s talking about. #   ·

Independent infographic
They sure have a way with their front pages; a shame that their website isn’t up to the same standard. (See also: some more infographics on the Middle East conflict.) #   ·

Good comment on a MetaFilter thread about the current Middle East crisis
“…I think that regardless of whether the Israeli response is justified, it’s definitely downright stupid policy. I think it’s also very arguable that the response has been disproportionate at the very least, but like I said, I prefer not to take sides. Regardless, the onus of responsibility is on Israel to [stand down] — since they do have a professional army under governmental control, unlike Lebanon — and they’re doing everything but taking the high ground. They are actively discouraging the conditions necessary for peace.” Agreed. Israel is certainly in a difficult position — knowing that even if they stop, Hezbollah won’t — but you can’t fight fire with a flamethrower. And that’s my last word on the matter, because writing about the wrongs of the world makes me too angry and depressed. #   ·

Israel angry, US wary as Annan peace plan calls for ceasefire
The UN is — as it has been for the last umpteen years — hamstrung by the massive (and massively unfair) influence of the US administration; therefore the most Kofi Annan can do at this stage is talk. But while the intent might be honourable, talk is unfortunately cheap, and it’s not nearly enough to buy our way out of this mess. #   ·

Lebanon: the world dithers
Three days on, and we’re still dithering. This appeasement of Israel’s strong-arm tactics isn’t helping anyone. #   ·

Israeli terrorism in Lebanon
A Barbelith thread on the current disaster in the Middle East, to which I have been contributing intermittently. I may have gotten off on the wrong foot with my presumption that paramilitary terrorism was being ignored in favour of singly condemning ‘big bad’ Israel, but let’s not kid ourselves here: while I will never have any sympathy for the likes of Hezbollah and Hamas, I have absolute conviction that the Israeli government and the IDF are also committing acts of terrorism against the citizens of Lebanon (and, yet again, the disenfranchised people of Palestine). It’s disproportionate to a morally unjustifiable degree — and whatever way you want to dress it up, it is and will always be wrong. The cycle of violence has to be stopped. Now. #   ·

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