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What is the point of NXT as a ‘developmental’ brand when nearly all of the main roster call-ups are sent back to square one? https://t.co/brWXk9YH3B #tweet

Downloading a promo of the new one from The Necks. Another year of great new music continues #tweet

Listening to @TheLapsedFan’s Vader tribute and they just referenced the Dublin title switch in March ‘93. I WAS THERE #tweet

London people: I’ve got an Oyster card I haven’t used in about 5 years; can I still top it up? #tweet

Just so you know, I don’t recommend pulling a 14-hour day doing brain-intensive work #tweet

Great into to ROIR on Bandcamp by @burn_amb; we’ve all got that Bad Brains one but the Bush Tetras comp is phenomenal, too https://t.co/N6czTGfVLE #tweet

Carefully chosen words: May isn’t denying plans for a hard border, she’s only saying that she doesn’t want it to be Brexit’s legacy https://t.co/fzOL80hr0G #tweet

NXT’s Dan Matha used ‘soy boy’ in a tweet. I hope he gets squashed by a vegan #tweet

Facebook’s officially stated position on this, then. But oh yeah, I forgot, they’re not a ‘media’ company https://t.co/x4BzVJMBls #tweet

If your album doesn’t fit the traditional two sides of vinyl, you’ve really gotta earn that extra platter; most don’t #tweet

So ROH and New Japan are running the Garden over WrestleMania weekend? WWE missed a trick not exercising their first refusal for a TakeOver #tweet

One Of Those interactions today where s’one asked who I fancied in the World Cup match tonight. Waiting for anyone to ask my pick for the G1 #tweet

Just updated iTunes but Apple Music is still broken for me: I can play things, but can’t go to pages, see track lists, etc. Anyone else? #tweet

Just read about Hiromu possibly breaking his neck during last night’s match with Dragon Lee. Wishing @TIMEBOMB1105 a speedy recovery #tweet

Only going by the trailer I can tell My Dad Is A Heel Wrestler is the greatest wrestling movie of all time #tweet

Watching this Lex Express thing on the Network and I’m mesmerised; it’s basically Slow TV #tweet

Interesting that McQuarrie has a better grasp on what constitutes proper film criticism than Johnson does https://t.co/q6PB8ZLSJy #tweet

Here’s a fantastic thread on eyes and our brains/minds that should mess you up for the rest of the day https://t.co/gdiQkR2k5j #tweet

#NowPlaying The Amazing - In Transit (HT to ILX; awful band name but they sound like RHP meets MBV) #tweet

Writey writey writey. I’ll probably take a day off on Tuesday #tweet

Saw a clip of that ‘wall of hands’ scene in a trailer when I was 5 and it scarred me for life https://t.co/fFgQiqa3US #tweet

‘Zoo Season 3 is now on Netflix’ - every now and then an algorithm gets me #tweet

Happy Pride to my friends who are celebrating today. Don’t forget the sunblock! #tweet

Green Room but instead of a neo-Nazi club in the Oregon backwoods it’s the Republican National Convention #tweet

The tributes in my timeline to Matt Cappotelli are breaking my heart #tweet

The fucking broadband is fucking down again and I fucking need it for fucking work #tweet

There’s a lot of awfulness in the world, but the original Meat Puppets are back together so it’s not all bad #tweet

I'm in this photo somewhere, I swear (I also saw the drone this was presumably snapped by) https://t.co/fTDA5Po2NP #tweet

Didn’t have time to write up my review but Leave No Trace opens today and it’s excellent. Also most cinemas have air conditioning #tweet

This puts my complaining about Pepsi Max prices to shame. Seriously, direct provision is the worst https://t.co/Tk952gPD2N #tweet

I take note that both Tesco and Dunnes have jacked up the price of a 2l bottle of Pepsi Max by nearly a euro #tweet

“Irish Water said a public consultation would be carried out to determine what constitutes excess usage.” Yet they’ve already got a figure, and a billing scheme. Riiiiight… https://t.co/vxn4xLGm7O #tweet

Catching up on NXT at the Albert Hall. Killer Kelly is going places, right? Not even two years a pro and already this good #tweet

I survived a whole day out in the sun thanks to lashings of Factor 50 and my new hat #tweet

What a difference a year makes: 2017 - Jordan Devlin nearly gives Danny Burch a concussion; 2018 - Avalanche Spanish fly #tweet

This here Snail Mail record is really good, isn’t it? #tweet

10 hours’ sleep last night; best I’ve had in a fortnight. Now to do my radio hour #tweet

Vinnie Paul: an incredible drummer ruined for years by Terry Date’s shitty tin-eared production #tweet

TFW you find out you’re blocked by s’one you’ve never heard of, and you have to wonder how and why #tweet

Just saw the news about Leon ‘Vader’ White. He was the scariest heel to me as a 12-year-old fan, but I still marked out like crazy when he beat Sting for the belt in Dublin https://t.co/xiSk0tLRM6 #tweet