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That’s some rain #tweet

I wouldn’t be half as excited at the prospect of Rey vs Liger next month if I hadn’t seen Rey at the Rumble #tweet

#MWE Day 9: Botanist Collective - The Shape of He to Come. Full band set-up breathes air into Otrebor’s unique hammered dulcimer post-BM #tweet

#MWE Day 8: Brigid Mae Power - The Two Worlds. Read about heavy lyrical themes that the melodies don’t match. Still liked it; RIYL Low #tweet

I gauge outside temperature by how long it takes for hot water to come out of the hot tap. Today is an eight-second day #tweet

Forgot to put out the bins last night, that’s how tired I was #tweet

Too tired to stay up for the curling #tweet

#MWE Day 7: Hookworms - Microshift. Necessity is the mother of invention, and how #tweet

#MWE Day 6: Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now. This is what I imagine TAD would sound like if they were still going today #tweet

#MWE Day 5: Teenage Fanclub - Thirteen. Heavier than Bandwagonesque, not quite as catchy. Apparently it got awful reviews? Dunno why #tweet

#MWE Day 4: Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix. Owned the CD for years but never really listened; I’ve been missing out on some primo heavy jangle #tweet

Am I the only person yet to see The Cloverfield Paradox? I guess it doesn’t matter I haven’t seen 10 Cloverfield Lane either? #tweet

Bands I’m surprised are still going yet it comforts me in a way I can’t explain: Electric Six, We Are Scientists #tweet

Why the awful gendered marketing for crunch-free crisps? They’d be perfect in cinemas, for example, for everyone. So why go there? #tweet

Surprise Port Tunnel jaunt! #tweet

Pro tip for coach travel: don’t let the driver see your Subway sandwich #tweet

I’ll be at the NUJ Freelance Forum in Buswells tomorrow. Ping me if you’re going along and want to say hi #tweet

Another Super Bowl Sunday, another year without an international live stream of the Puppy Bowl #tweet

Getting drivers to stop at zebra crossings is another story; one was placed at the end of our road last year, but t… https://t.co/Agt8ZvYW6W #tweet

Suzuki-Gun coming to Dublin in May and I’m conflicted to say the least #tweet

All Japan streaming service means I might finally watch some All Japan. But not before I get around to a month of DDT Universe. Or Stardom #tweet

#MWE Day 3: Sunwatchers - II. Is it cheating ‘cause this is new? Jazzy art psych to make the spirit soak or soar #tweet

Couple of hundred words and a rewrite away from finishing this thing I’m working on so of course I’m procrastinating #tweet

#MWE Day 2: Ohio Players - Honey. Bigger mood shifts here b/w the seductive tracks and the perkier funk of 'Fopp' and 'Love Rollercoaster' #tweet

#MWE Day 1: Ohio Players - Skin Tight. More slow jams than expected, but the playing is tight af and the sultry tone never wavers #tweet

Is Annihilation destined to be another Wheelman? As in a film that should be in cinemas but is headed towards straight-to-Netflix obscurity? #tweet

Replaced the fake Horlicks in my smoothie with real Horlicks and it tastes like it should again #tweet

I have Issues with Homeland but I like the show it’s evolved into. Just blitzed through s04 in a few days so it’s doing s’thing right #tweet

Anyway, first day of spring tomorrow. Brighter evenings when the rain fecks off #tweet

Don’t know what everyone else is on about, January flew by for me. Anxiety’s through the roof, mind you, so swings and roundabouts #tweet

C4 smells of almonds? That makes me wonder about the time I flew internationally with foil-wrapped blocks of marzipan in my carry-on #tweet

Time to take a writing break. Oh, that weather outside is frightful. Do I have to go shopping later? #tweet

Heartstopping, that Austin Clarke poem. It wasn't on our curriculum, I can tell you that much https://t.co/UgVmP17vGn #tweet

Drake Maverick is still a far better name than Spud #tweet

Homeland s04 has gone very George RR Martin: surprise character killings and luxurious feasts making me hungry #tweet

Made good progress on a thing today. Hope I can keep the brain juice flowing tomorrow #tweet

It will be quite the birthday present to have the opportunity to #repealthe8th #tweet

At a loss for something to watch, I’ve picked up where I left off with Homeland. Which would be s04, so it’s been a while #tweet

Back for a night at the Enormotron and ready for the preshow. But eh, why are the ropes blue? #RoyalRumble #tweet

If you enjoy wrestling and haven’t yet seen last night’s NXT TakeOver, fix that today. The main event is as close to perfect as wrestling storytelling gets, but every match was something else #tweet

Fantastic match; best NXT main event in forever #NXTTakeOver #tweet