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Watched Mute tonight; it’s really not as bad as people say, though like Warcraft it’s got some significant translation-to-screen issues #tweet

It’s snowing again in Dundalk #tweet

Just built a snowman in 10 minutes, as you do #tweet

Work done, blog entry posted. What now? The calendar says Friday but no day this week has felt like what it is since Monday #tweet

Monthnotes for February 2018

I already covered the beginning of February in my previous notes, and there’s little to report for the rest of the month. Time flies; sometimes there isn’t much to show for it work-wise. And sometimes the weather slows the country into shutdown mode. So let’s turn to some personal projects. More…

It’s after midnight but the sky is orange so it’s bright enough to go outside though it’s a bit windy and icy so I wouldn’t #tweet

With all the snow business, Govt quietly slipped out that minimum passing distance for cyclists is to be made law. And about time, too #tweet

Wow, that extra 20 quid in fuel allowance is really gonna cover all that heating use when winter fuel prices are through the roof #tweet

#MWE Day 25: Turnstile - Time & Space. Yeah, I don’t get it. Nice guitar tone, but the songs are samey and I don’t remember it 2 mins later #tweet

#MWE Day 24: Killing Joke - Outside the Gate. “Hey, this shitty fake horn sample sounds great, let’s put it all over the album!” PARP! #tweet

Slacking off on #MWE listening as I’ve been playing Killing Joke’s Fire Dances over and over the past few days #tweet

Ah, Elimination Chamber; it was grand till they had Roman win after Braun did all the hard work #tweet

#MWE Day 23: Insect Ark - Marrow Hymns. Doom with droning lap steel and an intimate, dry rhythm section; shades of Pelican and Earth #tweet

Missed two Mets spring training games so far this year, drat! #tweet

#MWE Day 22: Killing Joke - Brighter Than a Thousand Suns. Imagine Night Time but toothless; there are memorable songs in here somewhere… #tweet

Moved on to Fire Dances now, which is basically if Adam Ant went metal #tweet

Killing Joke’s ‘Love Like Blood’ on repeat this afternoon #tweet

People: I know, wrestling journalism, but Dave Meltzer’s dodgy ethics are fairly cut and dried now. There are other places to get your dirt #tweet

Up late tinkering with my website. Tags are live now, but they only go back about a year since migrating from MT meant I lost all previous #tweet

#MWE Day 21: Flesh World - The Wild Animals In My Life. Hazy, shoegazy post-punk that’s bigger on atmosphere than hooks, but it works #tweet

#MWE Day 20: The Young Gods - S/T. Francophone Swiss counterpart to Swans or Big Black with more art to the others’ noise #tweet

#MWE Day 19: Killing Joke - Revelations. The crossing over from their early industrial churn to stadium-filling glory anthems begins here #tweet

Spent the day in bed under the weather, watching Homeland with Daryl #tweet

My parcel arrived this morning and I am now the proud guardian of my very own Daryl Takahashi https://t.co/0ihhaQ4ZUN #tweet

#MWE Day 18: Today Is the Day - Willpower. Stick a hood on me and call me Skeletor ‘cause my face just melted off #tweet

This Rude/Piper cage match from Supertape II on the Network has some really fun spots #tweet

#MWE Day 17: Sodom - Obsessed by Cruelty. Ripping first-wave black metal that teeters on the verge of collapse throughout #tweet

Also just spent a couple of hours rejigging my website’s CSS from px to em/rem and I don’t think I’ve broken anything #tweet

Posted my form for the Seanad Register yesterday. Fellow NUI graduates, you’ve got a few days left to get your records updated #tweet

#MWE Day 16: Behavior - 375 Images of Angels. Ramshackle art-damaged post-punk that’s just barely held together; I can dig #tweet

#MWE Day 15: Annihilator - Alice In Hell. Cleaner and drier than my preference, but the riffs cannot be denied (HT @FracturedSeries) #tweet

They’re playing the Ultimate Warrior’s theme music during the ice hockey at the Winter Olympics #tweet

#MWE Day 14: Alien She - Feeler. Alternately broody and energetic retro post-punk with a killer guitar tone #tweet

It’s so weird watching the Rockers/Hart Foundation in 1990 and knowing that 2 years later, Bret and Shawn would be headlining a PPV #tweet