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Turns out, if I did today the same double major* I did for my undergrad, I’d get a BSc instead of a BA #tweet

Cheap trolling at the expense of women’s real issues does not behove a head of state, Leo #tweet

Using Audacity for the first time in months and it feels so much better now #tweet

I’m about to watch the new Child’s Play movie. Brace yourselves… #tweet

Monthnotes for October 2017

I should be writing about October, but since the first of November has passed, I must note that it’s 16 years since I started this blog. It really doesn’t feel that long; a decade at most. I suppose it’s true what they say about time seeming to go by faster as one grows older.

Anyway, I don’t really have much to say about this anniversary other than I’m glad I picked things up again this year, even in the piecemeal fashion that I have. It’s good to carve out a space for oneself in the increasingly walled garden of the web.


Whoops, slept out the first half hour of Power Struggle #njpst #njpwworld #tweet

Hey a new Dead Rider album came out over a month ago and none of you told me, for shame! https://t.co/M02lzrbx3N #tweet

Seriously, what have the Irish got against pre-made sweet shortcrust pastry? Can’t find it anywhere! #tweet

Today is Stout Day and I have no stout. Pout day, more like #tweet

I’ve got a free month of Shudder. What should I watch? #tweet

Watching the promoters lug Cradle of Filth’s rider round the back of the Academy. They like cheap lager, it seems #tweet

In other news, I found a software synth with a theremin function so I can make lots of beautiful noise #tweet

Started listening to the Hüsker Dü podcast, Dü You Remember, and it’s great stuff so far. Ep 1 is here: https://t.co/cOZfSDF4p8 #tweet

Who sets off fireworks in the middle of the afternoon? Weirdos in Dundalk, that’s who #tweet

People doing stuff ‘out of character’ when they’re drunk is only plausible if it happens once #tweet

Oh Kevin Spacey, it’s not about you #tweet

Shopping for a cheap MIDI keyboard. Anyone I know use an Akai LPK 25? #tweet

Black holes could delete the Universe, apparently. But they’re also the ultimate hard drive. My head is spinning. [c/o Kottke.org] #video 

Almost missed the postman despite running to the door but my Savage Young Dü box is here (and the 7” made it intact and all) #tweet

Whenever someone says all music ever is streamable, I remember most stuff released by the biggest US indie label of the 80s is lost to time #tweet

At that point when my concentration is so shot and my eyesight so messed up that I should really wrap things up for the night #tweet

So it turns out I can kind of play Fifa? Even though I haven’t played it since the SNES in the ‘90s #tweet

To anyone moaning there was only one gimmick match at TLC: you know there’s only one Royal Rumble at the Royal Rumble, yeah? #tweet

Couldn’t stay awake after Bálor/Styles last night so I’m catching up with the rest of WWE TLC WTF now #tweet

The Meat Puppets play ‘Swimming Ground’ and ‘Maiden’s Milk’ on Phoenix local TV while promoting Up On The Sun. Still astounded at how fast Cris plays those bass melodies. #video 

Turn Jack Gallagher heel? That’s all well and good. But does he have to wrestle in that fucking herringbone suit? #WWETLC #tweet

Has Emma really never had a singles match on PPV before? That’s ridiculous #WWETLC #tweet

ICYMI here's my review of Brawl in Cell Block 99, a film I can actually appreciate - to a point https://t.co/BwYehAoS9W #tweet

Strangely stoked for WWE TLC WTF tonight. But I do have to ask: is the Raw roster so thin that they had to rope in a ringer from SD? #tweet

Mark Korven composed the soundtrack of The Witch, and created that film’s eerie music with the Apprehension Engine, a device he envisaged along the lines of an acoustic Author & Punisher. [c/o Lowbrowculture] #video 

Of all the things that annoy me about Alien: Covenant, I think the Slenderman Alien might be the worst #tweet