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What’s people’s problem with the new Morbid Angel song? Sounds pretty good to me #tweet

Bill Wurtz covers the history of the entire world in under 20 minutes. [c/o Kottke.org] #video 

ST Discovery e03 starts feeling like proper Trek for a fleeting few moments, then loses the plot (and rips off The Expanse’s aesthetic) #tweet

Bit early for Hallowe’en names, isn’t it? Also, I’m stuck for a good one #tweet

Slept on this NXT War Games news. I’m excited! But two rings or GTFO #tweet

Monthnotes for September 2017

So, an eventful September as predicted.

The biggest news, both work-related and personal, from the last few weeks is that my Bandcamp Daily feature on Ireland’s heavy underground was published.

It’s my highest-profile writing project to date, and only happened because I decided I had nothing to lose by sending the pitch. I’m not exactly brimming with self-belief (the term ‘imposter syndrome’ was created for people like me) but this has been a big boost of confidence.


Saw The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl at the Light House last night and really enjoyed it: https://t.co/pCbMOy5LlJ #tweet

In case you’re ever wondering, Tamagotchis from 20 years ago still work #tweet

Julia was robbed! And we’d only just learned her name and all #GBBO #tweet

TFW you remember your printer’s run out of ink #tweet

Missed both screenings for BR2049 last night and this afternoon, but upon seeing the comments on here, I can live with that #tweet

Again with the anti-cycling bias! Bicycles are traffic, too, so nothing is being lost; cyclists are just getting a… https://t.co/ruUapJ8heD #tweet

All these warm spice things are great and all, but autumn is my second-least-favourite season #tweet

Lotta talk about coddle in my TL. Coddle is disgusting. What kind of monster boils a sausage? #tweet

Into the great wide open, Tom Petty #tweet


More than 50 people murdered and hundreds injured by a gunman sniping from a 32nd-floor window but it’s not ‘terrorism’. Okay… #tweet

Sunday: the sound of GAA players shouting the heads off each other wafting through the open window #tweet

Here’s s’thing I really don’t get about Discovery: if they wanted licence to do things differently, why not set it 100yrs after TNG? #tweet

Watched the first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery... it’s not great #tweet

My new favourite thing is the salmon mayo onigiri from Kokoro. Especially now that we’ve figured out how to open the wrapper #tweet

Blade Runner on the big screen tonight was fab. Totally worth not getting home till 1 in the morning #tweet

I don’t always need to send a 500 MB file, but I’m glad of fast broadband when I do #tweet

Are you sure it’s Wednesday? Feels like a Thursday to me #tweet

It’s a really nice thing to be thanked for your work #tweet

Who really wants longer tweets? Marketers and advertisers: that's who it comes down to #tweet

You know that gag in Starship Troopers where the main guy gets flogged ‘cause a dude gets shot, but the admiral kills millions and resigns? #tweet

Stop it with this nonsense; they were only bad in hindsight (and actually, DS9 s01 is better than you remember) https://t.co/GWldKn1i3j #tweet

Charged/backed up my iPhone on the desktop. Unplugged, tried to swipe up the Control Centre, nada. Restarted, swiping works again. Huh #tweet

This Bobby Heenan collection on the Network is... fine. But I really just want a bunch of promos #tweet

Missed this yesterday: farewell, William G Stewart, host of the best TV quiz show ever https://t.co/lh0kDvhPx9 #tweet

Just remembered I’m seeing Mike Watt play next weekend. I’m privileged to have seen my favourite musician a number of times already #tweet

Another sunny morning (which is good), another crappy eir broadband connection (which is bad) #tweet

Some transparency about the Ireland account (which I've also muted for the week); welcome, and good to know https://t.co/PTZ5edBk3Q #tweet

Six weeks till Hallowe’en and they’re already at it with the fireworks, sigh #tweet