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I’ve felt a day ahead of myself for the past week. Never has a Tuesday felt more like a Wednesday etc #tweet

Here's an interview with Kassie Carlson of Guerilla Toss ahead of (or after?) the release of new album GT Ultra: https://t.co/NJ5plPZ0OM #tweet

Baron Corbin’s promo on Talking Smack was long on substance, short on delivery. Needs work if they want him to be more than Just A Guy #tweet

One can appreciate the finish of the women’s MITB from a storyline perspective and still think it was a massive F-you to WWE’s women #tweet

Epic Wrestling Twitter feud going on in my timeline. I like both sides, and they're both in the wrong, so this can only end well #tweet

Real talk, though: what bright spark thought forest green telecoms boxes was a good idea? #tweet

Another sunny day, another crappy broadband connection #tweet

So I might have mildly sunburnt my nose and hairline #tweet

‘Clear,’ the weather app says. I look out the window and the sky is entirely light grey, featureless. Hmm #tweet

Somebody please translate Jushin Thunder Liger's autobiography into English #tweet

The Cloud Rat side of their new split with Disrotted is double plus good #tweet

Just narrowly avoided getting stung by a bastard wasp. Pretty sure I left a me-shaped dust cloud in the garden like a Warner Bros cartoon #tweet

Listening to this Cavernlight everyone’s going on about and they’re not wrong. But. It’s not as good when it sounds like Inter Arma ducks #tweet

The fledglings have decided the skylight above me is their hangout spot #tweet

This obsession with Meltzer and his ratings is rooted in the notion that for years no one but him took wrestling seriously: discuss #tweet

Bee is totally right: Baby Driver is basically a musical. (And it's quite good, too) #tweet

Just read about the Grenfell Tower fire. Horrendous. And even worse that residents had reason to fear it might happen #tweet

Little rain for the next few days means I can finally get the lawnmower out. Still no sign of summer, mind #tweet

If you own a cat and don't get it spayed, you are a bad person #tweet

The weather’s so crap this month I need to schedule in my calendar when I can mow the lawn #tweet

Watching this CBS 'documentary' on the JonBenét Ramsey case and it's some egregious leading bullshit #tweet

Can we please call the attack on the Galway mosque what it really is? I mean terrorism, of course #tweet

These Web Summit chaps are not good at PR, are they? #tweet