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I wish for Earth to expel all its worst people into the sun. Let's start with the Nazis, just because https://t.co/pKFiAzrPYT #tweet

I do wonder what that MAGA guy I unfollowed last year thinks about the Nazis and their terrorism #tweet

I was not aware of this when I bought my KO Pop vinyl this afternoon but it's quite fitting https://t.co/8brVjf6mIC #tweet

Homeward bound after a long but fun day at #DublinComicCon. Marina Sirtis and my secret dad Kevin Conroy were lovely #tweet

In the queue for #DublinComicCon and we're getting the distinct feeling they screwed up just as bad as the GamerCon fiasco #tweet

This Downtown Boys record is very good #tweet

Blocked off today as a writing day. I got about half as much done as I expected to do, but I guess half is better than nothing #tweet

I should probably be more worried that the army made safe a suspect device about 5 minutes from our house but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ #tweet

Switched the coffee for my cold brew recently (to one with a coarser grind) and I’m getting much better results #tweet

The #G127 finals start tomorrow and I haven’t watched any of it so far. Recommend me the best matches (w/ dates/times) pretty please #tweet

The language in that article is subtly insidious; the notion that 'she failed' repeated throughout https://t.co/lgmiW7kTP9 #tweet

To counteract any potential smugness in my previous tweets, I still haven’t seen Your Name, and it’s not out on home video till NOVEMBER??!! #tweet

Good luck to everyone in Dublin and Galway seeing Shin Godzilla tonight. Hope you're ready for The West Wing with occasional giant monster! #tweet

Running out of brain juice already and it’s only just past 11 #tweet

I’d be more worked up about an imminent nuclear threat if the two leaders involved weren’t the biggest clowns since antiquity #tweet

'Rhinestone Cowboy'? Screw that; 'Wichita Lineman' is what it's all about #tweet

A word of warning: don’t watch the trailer for Mother! unless you want all the suspense fucking blown away #tweet

One of many: I saw Sleater-Kinney play 'Start Together' on UK TV and pretty much fell in love with that band right… https://t.co/AOI2XeX1tM #tweet

Of all the confectionary renamings in my lifetime, I think the stealth switch from Moro to Boost hurts the most #tweet