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This is very niche, but my kind of niche. #video

William Goldman’s screenplay for The Princess Bride is a magnitude better than his novel. There, I said it #tweet

Matt Riddle gimmick idea: he mispronounces a single word in every promo he delivers #tweet

I can tell this random episode of Shortland Street is old ‘cause your one from The Expanse is still in it #tweet

Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce > The Godwinns #tweet

I forgot what day it is again #tweet

Ugh I’m trying to get writing done but I’m so bloody wound up about other stuff I can’t get my head straight argh #tweet

Such a delight to see a blue sky after that awful morning. People who love autumn/winter: I will never not side-eye you #tweet

I’ve given up trying to find a winter coat. Seems like fashion buyers have decided it’s puffy anoraks or nothing #tweet

‘Soft’ days are feckin’ miserable. What is wrong with everyone on this island? #tweet

Think I’m done for the night? The weekend starts here! I’ve got a Szechuan tofu rice bowl with my name on it #tweet

Making too many minor but stupid mistakes this week. Slow down and concentrate! Your weekend starts on Monday, almost there #tweet

Looks like that Crown Jewel folly is going exactly how I expected #tweet

Is Mirai only being screened here in a handful of cinemas on a single weekend? Come on, like. This is why people pirate stuff #tweet

I don’t watch the Late Late and I won’t be hate-watching it tonight, either. Also, can I conscientiously object to its tranche of the TV Licence? #tweet

They’re missing a big part of the problem: the driver in the video herein clearly attempted to injure the cyclist (voluntary manslaughter if he’d been killed) and should’ve faced a charge befitting that https://t.co/UdsvFbHx9W #tweet

I work in the news media; I get that bad news sells (and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing). But as this thread shows, when it comes to the right, things have got way out of hand https://t.co/x7AJCgHAmi #tweet

What’s the word for when you get a second wind you could really do without as you’d rather just sleep? #tweet

The fireworks and bangers finally stopped up here over an hour ago when the mist rolled in #tweet

So it turns out nvALT does not run very well on Mojave: it’s laggy with lengthier text that gave it no trouble before, and undo seems to have been undone. What are my options? https://t.co/6ndI93vy6L #tweet

So busy yesterday I completely forgot it was a bank holiday #tweet

Delighted to see #WWEEvolution has a dedicated entrance stage and not just the Raw/SD set with different graphics #tweet

I’ve been running a SuperDuper ‘smart update’ for almost an hour and a half and it’s still not finished. Not good, not good #tweet

Confirmed via the WWE app Network schedule: Evolution starts at 11pm, with the Kickoff show at 10 #tweet

Currently waiting for my computer to download and install stuff before I can do any work #tweet

Remembering now that IPSOS rang me twice in recent weeks but I wasn’t in a position to talk. How many others like me? #tweet

Just home from the polling station. There’s still five hours left, folks. No excuse not to get out there #tweet

How thoughtful of our neighbours chopping back their stupid overgrown hedges to leave all the cuttings in our driveway #tweet

Every year I freak out about paying and filing tax and every year it takes less than an hour #tweet

Surprised this ‘vote for Peter Casey’ thing that came in the post this morning isn’t covered with NPC memes #tweet

Roman Reigns is far from my favourite wrestler, but cancer is no joke. Genuinely hoping he’ll bounce back from this new and improved #tweet

Seeing some ragging on BBQ pork buns in my timeline and I won’t be having it #tweet

Back on my very slow Thunder journey (24 eps in now) and I’m just learning that CIMA was in WCW for a hot minute #tweet

Lost my Duolingo streak ‘cause I was feeling too ill to do my daily lesson or even buy a streak freeze. Sad face #tweet

Can George Hook please disappear down the same slime pit Kevin Myers slithered into? #tweet

Waking up in the middle of the night with an uncontrollable shiver despite being quite warm wasn’t the best start to the weekend #tweet

Further to this point: can we please keep bigots, conspiracy nuts, anti-vax coddlers and general ne’er-do-wells off any future bill for the Áras, please? https://t.co/VL2pEHoP1r #tweet

It’s a week till the Irish Presidential vote and blasphemy referendum and there’s only one way to go on both, in all seriousness #tweet

I’m at the NUJ Freelance Forum in Dublin today so please do say hello if you see me this afternoon #tweet