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Just got my bicycle back from the shop, after the bearings fell out of the rear cassette a week ago and I had to walk home from the border #tweet

Current music thing: Gun Outfit. They’ve got that languid mid-80s Meat Puppets vibe going on https://t.co/GdTpBnHOkg #tweet

One more thing: missed the Boaters at the door during the week but had our first Yes canvassers yesterday, lovely people #tweet

I was going to do a summary of what I would’ve tweeted but the only thing I can remember now is “It’s ‘laurel’” #tweet

Back on Twitter after a week away (bar an important DM) and I didn’t miss it as much as expected #tweet

The new Parquet Courts is out today, and it reminds me of the Minutemen more than anything else I’ve heard from them. Not that it sounds like the Minutemen in any specific way. (And not this particular song, which owes more to the Big Boys than anything else.) #video

The Sage of Pedro keeps it real for surf-turned-culture zine What Youth. #video

Jealous of everyone at the cricket today. Have to get tickets for next month’s T20, so #tweet

Ah, the old ‘sun shines on the cabinet up the road, @eircare broadband goes down’ carousel starts again! #tweet

This Bandcamp feature on Louisville bands reminded me I’ve got a National Acrobat CD in my old room somewhere https://t.co/5xUzMYd2st #tweet

Thread on the inability to report inappropriate ads on YouTube, which has been the case forever, much to @BeeBonthuys's chagrin https://t.co/lc4y5z5HLk #tweet

I feckin’ knew Syfy, the network that cancels everything good, would cancel The Expanse #tweet

I did this on Erik's suggestion; worth it for the first 2 tracks I streamed alone, and now I've got 34 other releases to dig into https://t.co/yFgfenQzui #tweet

That's a hell of a bill. But I'm too damn old for standing on the floor. If anyone's getting a block of seats, nudge nudge https://t.co/LQruhxeepl #tweet

Night of the Creeps is great and all, but Fred Dekker also did RoboCop 3 #tweet

Playing Gina G and Culture Club at what sounds like a school sports day, in 2018, would be like if they played the Beatles at mine #tweet

It’s one of the world’s great ironies that the band Toto wasn’t started by former members of Kansas #tweet

I’m that fantasy baseball guy with Clayton Kershaw on my roster and expecting my season to go down the bog from here on in http://bit.ly/2FUglza #tweet

Mike Watt: gave me 90 minutes of his time, getting more real than expected, while he cooked tilapia for lunch https://t.co/BZPWWweydx #tweet

My Letterboxd reviews for April 2018

Elsa Lanchester and Colin Clive in Bride of Frankenstein

I tried to make up for not watching any films in the first two weeks of April by watching seven over the latter half. And five of them involved actual trips to the cinema: one a press screening in Dublin, one at the fleapit down the road, one in the basement of the local arts centre (a regional screening as part of the Japanese Film Festival), and a double-bill at the IFI. My pick of the month is one I won’t be reviewing till later in May, but my thoughts on the rest are below. More…

Laughing at everyone running for the exits after the Backlash main event. What was WWE thinking running a B show till 11.30pm on a Sunday? #tweet

It makes perfect sense when cyclists as a demographic aren't seriously represented in Leinster House https://t.co/YyYsfJIELr #tweet

Fell asleep (and put a crick in my neck) just one match into Backlash, so catching up on the rest now. It’s what bank holidays are for #tweet

I’ve been a member of MetaFilter for more than 13 years and I just made my first FPP #tweet

This is a good thread. Wish I could contribute but in the few proper interviews I've done, people have only been nice to me https://t.co/GrnB53PWXj #tweet

The correct decision was made here, even if I and many others would have made it sooner https://t.co/kbl90AR8O2 #tweet

Taka Kigawa in Drogheda this evening was wonderful stuff #tweet

The sun might have hidden away but I’m still spinning Guerilla Toss #tweet

These sound delicious, but imagining the texture gives me the creeps. Can you juice them or something? https://t.co/wT857OtwS9 #tweet