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This next fight is being reffed by a dwarf from World of Warcraft #UFC214 #tweet

Ah missed Lawler's post-fight interview because @eirSport is feckin' useless #tweet

Well that was a start to #UFC214 I suppose. Glad I set my alarm for it #tweet

That’s some rain. And to think I was planning to cut the grass today #tweet

Won’t be at the Unyielding Love gig tonight, alas, but instead I’ll be spinning their fantastic album https://t.co/DG50uubFSF #tweet

Another account of shameful action by Dublin Airport immigration and the Department of Justice https://t.co/mkIc2eV328 #tweet

I've known quite a few people in my time who've worked with #vinb in various capacities; I feel like I've missed out #tweet

The Expanse is like a hard sci-fi DS9 #tweet

Controversial opinion take 2: when you say ‘70mm’ all I hear or read is 'vinyl’ #tweet

Controversial opinion time: when you say ‘70mm’ all I hear or read is ‘3D’ #tweet

People, I don’t want to be ‘invited’ to edit or ‘collaborate’. Just send me the damn attachment #tweet

Don’t know how you people have the time to keep up with the G1. I haven’t even watched the first day yet #tweet

This reminds me of something I read or watched not long ago, about the dearth of women commentators on mainstream (… https://t.co/LOJQVdunI6 #tweet

Just back from Drogheda - or as it shall hence be known, Bartertown #tweet

Hell yeah Kim Kelly brings the goods with her own list of metal made in whole or in part by women (or not men, in g… https://t.co/YFSIBkn3Gg #tweet

Hipster bias alarm bells ring throughout, but at least now I know there's a ramen bar on South William St: https://t.co/EAmI5C66FP #tweet

TFW your broadband drops so many times in such rapid succession you need to restart your computer b/c it screws up your network settings #tweet

Someone please explain to me what I'm missing in the finish of that Styles/Owens match. Shoulders were down, ref counts, that's it, no? #tweet

Some days you’re just not in the mood to subedit garbage and today is one of those days for me #tweet

A town of 40,000 brought to its knees by a single burst water main: that’s Ireland in 2017 #tweet