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Black Mirror s04e06: I feel like one more story in this anthology throwback would’ve made it a feature #tweet

Black Mirror s04e05: I expect the working title was ‘Gone to the Dogs’ #tweet

Feeling creatively challenged this weekend. Actually I have been for a couple of weeks. Like blood from a stone, it is #tweet

How the hell was Sleater-Kinney’s The Hot Rock recorded 20 years ago? Sounds like it was made today #tweet

I know New Year Dash is taking place right this minute but I’m not watching it till tonight so all the mutes are on #tweet

Ah crap, this should’ve been Naito’s night #NJWK12 #tweet

Surprisingly little Okada/Naito shipping on AO3 (Bee just had to check) #NJWK12 #tweet

I enjoyed that match, even if it was a little long. Kenny Omega is Good #NJWK12 #tweet

Jericho obviously only does the stomach crunches when he’s working for Vince #NJWK12 #tweet

Tana/White was the first match with a noticeable disconnect between the workers. White’s gimmick needs some work #NJWK12 #tweet

Earthquake Twitter was threatening to usurp Wrestle Kingdom Twitter for a few minutes there #tweet

I haven’t actually watched a lot of New Japan since the BOSJ last summer, but is KUSHIDA wearing moleskin shorts? #NJWK12 #tweet

Get ready for the whole Tokyo Dome crowd to shout ‘KAZE NI NARE!’ #NJWK12 #tweet

Oh no Brandi just took the Elizabeth bump! #NJWK12 #tweet

Ready for the Handsome Battle #NJWK12 #tweet

YANO! TO! RU! #NJWK12 #tweet

Bee and I have spent this whole match figuring out which one’s YOH and which one’s Matt #NJWK12 #tweet

25 minutes of trying and the stream finally loads, just in time to miss Liger in the Rambo #NJWK12 #tweet

NJPW World is loading veeery slooowly for us. Been trying for 5 minutes to get the stream going. Hmm…. #NJWK12 #tweet

Right, who’s with me for Japanese WrestleMania tomorrow morning? #tweet

Black Mirror s04e04: I liked it right up to the absolute worst possible ending. Lazy, lazy, lazy #tweet

Black Mirror s04e03: don’t really see what’s Black Mirror about it other than the almost completely unexplored data privacy angle #tweet

Can’t stop thinking about that poor guy just out for a stroll to college or wherever this morning, only half an hou… https://t.co/fPCZRxt2ce #tweet

Tweeted a thing that was far too flippant, then deleted it because same #tweet

I love that the kanji for ‘late’ or ‘slow’ is basically a snail. How perfect is that? #tweet

January’s weather thus far is not exactly conducive to good moods #tweet

The Nazi wrestler? Nazi gimmicks were 10 a penny in those days, many far better known: Fritz Von Erich, Baron von… https://t.co/t2EmrPJbwz #tweet

Messed up my back lifting a box the wrong way yesterday. I can sit in my chair no bother; it’s getting from the chair to anywhere else… #tweet

Happy western new year, everyone. Hope you’re ringing it in just how you want it #tweet

Remembering earlier when Bee and I peeked in the window of the cat café in Smithfield to coo at the kittens. And I’m not even a cat person #tweet

Enjoyed Sunset Boulevard at the Light House this afternoon; I didn’t realise quite how meta it is but wow, it’s something #tweet

Wanted to pick up some lebkuchen hearts at the Moore St @lidl_ireland but the queue was… well I’ve never seen a queue that long #tweet

Ugh, what a thread. And in many cases it's not even the tech or data itself, but its application. What's an ethics? https://t.co/WgpA9OTR64 #tweet

I’ve never felt happier to breathe as I do right now #tweet

Bailing on Black Mirror for now and getting back to the JR autobiography #tweet

Black Mirror s04e02: I get the desire to explore new angles on themes already covered, but when that means rebooting your own show? Ehh #tweet

Ten minutes into the new Black Mirror and… it’s not exactly deep, is it? #tweet

When I’m feeling better, I’ve got a ‘2017 faves’ music round-up to finish. And I’ll share my fave movies when my brain works properly #tweet

Except the Book of Kells hasn’t been kept in the Long Room for years; it’s in the adjacent modern museum exhibit https://t.co/Vdkj7OGUOs #tweet

Still look like death but I finally ate a full plate of Xmas dinner. Only three days behind schedule #tweet

Having such a crappy Xmas due to this head cold that I’m already planning Xmas 2 for next month #tweet

This box of Sinutab has done diddly squat. If I didn’t have some Otrivine left over from months ago, I would’ve got no sleep last night #tweet