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My concentration is totally shot this morning; no focus at all. Looking at my to-do list doesn’t help #tweet

Everyone but Kairi: awkwardly interrupts their entrance routine to acknowledge the trophy. Kairi: Oh hai trophy didn't see you there! #tweet

Watching Clash of the Champions XII; so many Confederate flags in this Freebirds/Southern Boys opener #tweet

One bonus about Bake Off moving to C4 is being able to watch it on catch-up legally #tweet

Mia Yim is automatically on our list of Good Wrestlers because she bridges a suplex pin on her toes #tweet

Webp image files are the bane of my existence #tweet

That sinking feeling when you’ve written a bad (but honest) review of a film that’s getting raves from everyone else #tweet

I think we all knew this would happen after The Book of Henry (and come on, Jurassic World was shite too) https://t.co/Pp1i2zMsad #tweet

So I plonked down for the HD preorder from @numerogroup a while ago but haven't yet got email confirmation. Should I be concerned? #tweet

My Letterboxd reviews for July & August 2017

The Boy and the Beast

I may not have been blogging much here, but I did ramp up my movie-watching over the summer — mostly thanks to my dive into ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series (not all of which I’ve reviewed, mind).

Among the films I watched in July and August is one of the best of the year thus far in War for the Planet of the Apes. And on average the quality has been pretty good, with only a handful of duds to speak of.


Never knew about this! All I remember is one week Flair had the Big Gold Belt and the next it was mosaic censored https://t.co/w63Bj9tGEV #tweet

Never realised so many people in my timeline were into a band named after a… ah you can fill in the rest yourself #tweet

So many feckin' MYC spoiler gifs in my timeline. Come on people, it's only been on the Network since this afternoon! #tweet

Badd/Pillman from Fall Brawl '95 on the Network just now was like Okada/Omega or something #tweet

It’s not implausible that Regina Doherty genuinely doesn’t understand photos are data. Still DQs her from being a minister, really #tweet

Rewatching the first Clash of the Champions and this Dr Death promo is pretty much at the same level as Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer #tweet

Monthnotes for July & August 2017

Wow, summer just kind of came and went, didn’t it? Nose to the grindstone for the most part, meeting deadlines and whatnot. It’s difficult to write about here, as I can’t yet show the work. But that’s the problem with writing, about anything: every day involves countless little problems that, once solved, don’t bear thinking about. Hence two months since my last update. I expect September to be a little more show-and-tell.

The Limehouse Golem opens in Ireland today, and I quite liked it. Read my review sometime this weekend (I’ve had a long week) #tweet

September is the worst #tweet

1997 Curt Hennig may have been past his prime, but seeing him have a great match with Dean Malenko does the heart good #Nitro110 #tweet

I've restarted my Nitro rewatch (well, watch, as I never saw them before). Hard to get through when it turns out you really dislike the nWo #tweet

S02 of The Expanse hits Netflix next week… five months after it finished in the States. Get that time gap sorted for S03, yeah? #tweet

The PSC is not compulsory, it seems, b/c you don’t ‘have to’ claim a State pension or any other entitlement necessary to exist #tweet

How the hell has Takashi Miike only made 100 films? It feels like he's directed some of my dreams #tweet

Listening to the ‘Disposable Heroes’ remaster and I’m reminded that Metallica were once the best band in the world #tweet

Remembering I’ve got a film review to write tomorrow #tweet

Downloaded a pile of promos over the weekend that I’m actually listening to. Like this new Acephalix, which is deadly so far #tweet

If Roman Reigns hasn't got what it takes to be a top guy in WWE, that's always been on Vince more than him #tweet

Finally watching the MYC. Four matches in and it's pretty good so far #tweet

RIP Tobe Hooper. Now I’ve got a hankering to watch Spontaneous Combustion #tweet

KUSHIDA won the thing! #tweet

I just can't bring myself to care about tonight's Battle of the Arseholes #tweet

So I did not know that weevils played dead till this morning, when I had one on my hand and it suddenly started moving #tweet

The problem with getting people to care about the Govt's illegal national ID is not having hard evidence of someone's identity being abused #tweet

Argh just found a spelling error in a thing I filed yesterday #tweet

My brain is melting trying to work out how money works on DS9 #tweet

I wish I could be happy about Asuka on the main roster, but no. With Vince and Kevin Dunn in charge, it’s over (unless proven otherwise) #tweet

Genuinely pissed off about this Asuka news. How long will she be out exactly? And how long between Brock title defences? #tweet

Let me get this straight: people are in a fit b/c Taylor Swift is using a 'metal' font, but not when Bieber did it for real? #tweet

WWE just sent me a survey for my favourite superstars, and in fairness I wanted to list way more than the 10 it’s limited to #tweet

Did a lot of writing and editing today and now I’m fairly sleepy #tweet

News flash: I am very cold this morning #tweet

Could’ve sworn Big Cass went into that match injured, the way the commentators latched onto the knee thing immediately and everything else #tweet

One traffic accident and the M1 is a total loss. Can't even take the scenic route #tweet