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Bethune Park VIII, by Paul Regan

I like art with an eye for the uncanny in the mundane, and the work of London-based painter Paul Regan fits that bill to a T. #image

I've twice been to the Rothko Room at London's Tate Modern, most recently in the summer of 2013 when 'Black on Maroon' was undergoing a painstaking restoration process after it was vandalised in October 2012. The science behind that process is as remarkable as the painting itself, and most of Mark Rothko's work for that matter, is spellbinding. #video

Light in the dark

My friend Dáire Lynch is an amazing artist; you can see for yourself in the video above (filmed by another friend of mine, John Mulvaney) that gives you just a glimpse of his work and working methods.

Dáire’s currently running a FundIt campaign to support a new project which involves painting portraits of musicians that mean a lot to him. He’s let me in on a couple of the names he’s already lined up, and it’s really gearing up to be something special.



You just don't see art like this 'round these parts. #image