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On wrestling

Just read an interesting piece about the WWF/WCW/ECW invasion situation in Power Slam, and it got me thinking. I still think what the McMahon is doing at the moment is a major mistake. The quality of writing and booking at the moment flits from the atrocious to the yawn-inducing. Most of his now huge talent pool is getting wasted. There is so much potential, but it’s like Vince is on too big of an ego trip to care.

This should not be the attitude of the chairman of a Fortune 500 company who now has shareholders to answer to. What we need is a new WCW, not a dead WCW. It could be a prime-time breeding ground for the stars of tomorrow, where the wrestlers and wrestling styles that Vince doesn’t want in his WWF to shine.

So Vince doesn’t like lucha-libre…. then let WCW have the luchadores! WCW could be the ESPN2 to the WWF’s ESPN, or something like that. Sure, the WWF would want to maintain its image as the best there is, the cutting edge, but what WCW could offer is just that little something different. Maybe less talk, more wrestling, like the old days.

It was interesting, at least to me, what Jimmy Hart tried to do a couple of years ago with WCW’s former flagship programme Saturday Night, turning it into a separate world within the WCW, a training ground for their developmental talent – some of whom were quite exciting to watch and who ended up as part of the Alliance in the WWF this year. Maybe the WWF could so something similar with the WCW brand. Hell, even if it failed, it couldn’t do nearly as bad as the XFL. And besides, it’d just be a damn shame if WCW was allowed to die.