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Date: December 2001

Wasted opportunities

As a fan for over ten years now, I’ve never really lost my love of wrestling. Sure, there have been times when I got bored with it, with some of the angles and characters and wasted opportunites, but I’ve never really been angry until recently, with the WWF’s handling of its ‘feud’ with the WCW/ECW alliance. I thought it was horrible, really. How could the WWF dismiss an organisation with so much history as WCW as simply yesterday’s news? How could they treat their top-line talent as second-rate jobbers? How could they mess it up so badly?

It was like a dream come true when it first happened, the WWF buying WCW – finally, the two biggest wrestling promotions in the western hemisphere would clash! But then the badness started happening. WCW was promoted on WWF television as a heel group – every wrestler in WCW was tarred with the same brush. And in response, even the most dastardly heels in the WWF were pushed as faces. It just wasn’t right.




np: Pixies Doolittle

It’s hard to believe the Pixies were never that popular in the States. I mean, when they broke up it was all over the papers here. I remember, and I was only 11 at the time. Meanwhile, my old work colleague Rebecca is from Massachusetts and she never heard of them before she came over here and was blasted with Death to the Pixies over the store PA almost every Thursday evening this summer.


World AIDS Day

It’s World AIDS Day today. There’s an antidote out there somewhere – not just to the illness but to negative attitutes that continue to stigmatise it – it just has to be found.