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Even more on Camp X-Ray

On the hot topic of the detainees in Cuba: I’ve been mulling over this a lot since yesterday, taking in arguments from both corners, regretting to an extent my ‘outburst’ yesterday afternoon (it’s not something I’d want to use as an argument in a debate, anyway), but one thing has stuck in my mind.

Why did the US govermnent release those particular photos of Camp X-Ray? I mean, they can’t be that naive as to expect no reaction from the rest of the world, particularly their supposed British allies. I keep hearing the same excuse, sorry ‘explanation’, that the photos were taken just after their arrival at the camp and were not an accurate reflection of their current or continual condition (whatever that’s supposed to mean). But that still begs the question, why those photos? It is a blatant attempt to bait the liberal media into some sort of moralistic mud-slinging match? And if so, why? Shouldn’t they be trying to rally everyone behind their cause, rather than encourage the rest of the world to be suspicious of their motives? The clandestine activities surrounding the Camp X-Ray situation (the name alone is too creepy) aren’t going to help.

I just checked the Fox News website (I won’t link to it, ’cause I think they’re right wing scumbags), and their front page barely even mentions the camp conditions. There’s one link that mentions Blair defends the camp (the BBC puts it more specifically; according to the official spokesman of the PM, as far as the captive Britons are concerned, there are no complaints about their treatment), and another that states simply that Rumsfeld says ‘camp is just’. ‘Just’ can be an ambiguous word, Donald, and I’m not sure your idea of just would fit in with everyone else’s.

I think it’s a safe bet to remain firmly cyncial for the moment.