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New World Order

The nWo is back.

It’s about time the WWF started doing something interesting. I’m rubbing my hands with glee!

There seems to be a lot of speculation as to who will be a part of the group (the names Nash, Hall, even Hogan are being bandied around; and ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig, a former nWo member, returned at the Rumble), and also whether it will be just another invading force (like WCW was last year), or a stand-alone promotion, like WCW was supposed to be.

One of the main problems with WCW’s failure was that the WWF fanbase, for the most part, resented and detested the name and the brand. However, the nWo was always a cross-over hit: fans at WWF shows can still be spotted wearing the classic black-and-white nWo t-shirt today. Maybe it was because they were bad, they were the outlaws, the iconoclasts that the WWF fans would like to be.

I guess it’s gonna make for some pretty good television.