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Andy Warhol

There’s a three-part series about the art and life (well, mostly art) of Andy Warhol on Sunday nights on Channel 4 at the moment. Last week was the first part, I didn’t see all of it – I was doing my essay, but I have it on tape – but what I did see was somewhat enlightening, I must say. I’ve never really given Warhol much time, we skimmed over his stuff back in school, in art class (oh, so many years ago…. well, yeah, three years… but oh so many!), but I just didn’t get it.

I do now.

The series ties in with a forthcoming exhibition of Warhol’s work at the Tate Modern in London. That’s something I would love to go to (just a pity it doesn’t say when it is).

I’ve always been jealous of Groves seeing Dali at the Guggenheim in New York. Well, not actually seeing Salvador Dali … you know what I mean … that would be weird, though, if they had the body of Dali there, preserved like Lenin….

And I missed my chance to go to the Tate Modern when I was in London last summer. I will be there again.

Something has reminded me about the impromptu Internet art exhibition thing I was going to do every week. Well, I kinda forgot about it, or making it a regular thing, seeing as it wasn’t really my idea anyway. But I might do it every now and again, and to make it less rip-offish, I shall dub the concept – for my own purposes – GoogleArt. And for this GoogleArt exhibit, I present ‘Andy Warhol’.

While I’m here, here’s another good Warhol link.