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Bob Mould interview

I just read a good interview with ex-Hüsker Dü guitar god Bob Mould (c/o Mat), where he talks about his appreciation for professional wrestling, and his job working as a writer for WCW a few years ago (although the promotion is never mentioned by name).

Incidentally, I was quite surprised to learn recently that WWF Entertainment purchased the WCW brand, its related trademarks, and its entire videotape library (that’s at the very least 12 years worth of weekly television) from AOL Time Warner for a mere $2 million. Surely it was worth more than that. That’s less than a three-year guaranteed contract for a top-level wrestler. Shocking.

Oh yeah, and while I’m here, I must protest that the NY Times registration page is very invasive in its questioning. I’d copy and paste the interview into a new HTML file, but I fear a lawsuit. I suggest lying on the form. It’s not like they’re gonna know, or care.