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Futurama not as good as everyone thinks shocker

Talk about over-reacting.

It appears that the Fox Network has decided not to commission further series of Futurama.

To be honest I can’t really blame them as, with all cult shows, it has a niche audience of hardcore fans and, well, no-one else was that interested. Hell, the only reason The Simpsons is still going is because it long ago transcended the status of being merely a TV show – much like Seinfeld, Friends, etc. etc., even though, ultimately, that’s all it is, merely a TV show.

Futurama was just never that good. Oh sure, there were were some excellent nuggets of writing there, but most of it was mired in cliche. And it couldn’t really do surreality – Homer and co. have that covered, and most of the time it’s very hit-and-miss anyway, and only Family Guy can get away with what it the really crazy shit (although considering its current status this is a bad example).

But, of course, the fan-boys will be fan-boys and they do have to over-react. I mean ‘slashed… into bloody pieces’? ‘Gruesome attack’? All they did was decide not to buy any more episodes. Please people, get a clue.