Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Friday Five #9


1. What’s your favorite animal?

Dogs. Besides the ape family, they are the most anthropomorphic of animals.

2. What pets have you had in your lifetime?

Without going into specifics, since I was born we have had four dogs, five rabbits and a goldfish. I’m not counting the four feral cats who basically live in our back garden, even though we feed them.

3. Is there any specific pet that you’ve wanted but never had? Why?

Nope. I always wondered what it would be like to keep a lizard or similar reptile, but I’ve never specifically wanted one.

4. Are you allergic to any animals?

Nope. As far as I know I’m not allergic to anything (except possibly the sun).

5. Do you have any ‘pet’ pet peeves (your pets or others’)?

Oh yes. To name just one, Major has a horrible habit of scraping the floor with his front claws in an obsessive compulsive manner. It would drive a lesser man to insanity.