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On Selling Out

I got the debut Burnt By The Sun album today. Excellent stuff. This is what the kids should be listening to. Then again, if that happened I’d probably say they sucked or weren’t ‘underground’ enough or something. But it won’t happen. Their music is much too sophisticated for today’s youth en masse, raised on a diet of *cough* Linkin Park and *hack* Limp Bizkit *splutter*.

I mean, look what happened to Glassjaw, a fine band lumbered with a major label (yes, Roadrunner is effectively a major label now, and don’t try to deny it) who didn’t know what to do with them. Ever seen a Glassjaw video? Thought not. Ever seen a Nickelback video? They’re all over MTV, last time I checked. Nice to see where Monte Conner’s priorities lay (or is he even still around?).