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I Could Do Better Than That

I was guessing that this was gonna happen.

There’s too much of an imbalance between the rosters to really have two distinctive and viable touring operations, at least for the moment. They – the WWE – have a wealth of mid-card talent, of course, but only a few big names who have main event status and the necessary drawing power.

How can this situatuion be rectified? I have a solution. Put all the big stars on one show (say Raw), and the up-and-comers on the other (SmackDown!). The bigger-name roster can tour the larger arenas, with the likelihood of attracting more fan support that they’re getting now, whilst the younger, fresher roster can tour smaller venues, maybe appeal to the more discerning fan: for example, the fans who attend indie shows, the old fans of ECW. On one side you get the larger-than-life entertainment, on the other you get the ‘new generation’, so to speak. Raw could be the Majors to SmackDown!‘s Triple-A, or something to that effect.

I’m sure I could explain this better if my brain wasn’t so fried.