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The Coolest/Uncoolest Records of All Time

Rolling Stone has provided us with yet another redundantly subjective music magazine top-whatever list: this time, it’s the 50 coolest, and 50 uncoolest, records of all time.

Why am I bothering with this? Because I’m easily distracted from more important things.

So, from the ‘cool’ list, I have #24 (which is not just cool, it is outstandingly excellent) and #49 (which isn’t great, but pretty good, once you ignore the hype machine).

From the ‘uncool’ list, I have this (Is it really uncool? Does it matter?), I want this, and I find this one intriguing. This one however, while I can’t say I like it, is not uncool. (You see, because they didn’t need to get big in the States, the Media there – with their cultural superiority complex – assume they just disappeared.)

And as for this one, well it shouldn’t even count. It’s just a bad postmodernist piss-take that went wrong.