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The Grapple News

It’s Friday night, which means wrestling’s on the telly, and I’ve been perusing the grapple news:

First of all, get well soon Bret Hart. Although you really shouldn’t have been going so fast on that bike, should you? (I’m sorry, that was nasty. True, but nasty.)

Now, onto the Vince Russo controversy: apparently, he had this huge idea that got shot down via some nifty nepotism and protectionism. I must say that he’s had some wacky ideas in the past, but he’s also had some very good ones, and in my opinion, turning the Raw brand into WCW is not just a good one, it’s an excellent one. Business is in a slump. They need something really big to shake things up. Stephanie McMahon is just not the person to do this. She may have grown up in the business and know the ins and outs, but she’s compromised by virtue of her personal relationships.