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The Thing About Jello

This great article by the Doors’ John Densmore (c/o Mat) reminds me of the Jello Biafra vs. DK‘s situation, particularly since the DK’s played here last night. I didn’t go. Did anybody? Today they seem tragic to me. That’s not to say I don’t feel similarly about Jello: if you ever read his label’s website, it’s like he’s Jesus or something. I certainly got a feeling like that from the audience at the spoken word gig he did here a few months ago (ironically, at the same venue the DK’s played last night). Even though, in fairness, he pointed out the ignorance of believing every word he says just because he says it, he wasn’t exactly modest in the face of such unconditional, fawning adulation. I mean, take a look at his label’s website – a great label, don’t get me wrong, with a great mail order service – but there’s somewhat of a cultish air to it.

(For a specific example, some of the language used in the label’s official statement on the departure of NoMeansNo for pastures new.)