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Uugh. Euro-bashing is so old. Idiotic comments such as this just reinforce my opinion of some people as ignorant fuckwits, a disproportionate number of which come from the gool ol’ US of A, a nation that – as a whole – seems alarmingly ideologically insular to me.

I try to refrain from commenting on stuff like this (I know it’s my weblog and I can write what I want to, however I won’t pontificate about things that I don’t fully understand… well not anymore anyway), but dammit, it makes my blood boil sometimes.

Update: I didn’t realise what I was getting into when I posted what I admit was a diatribe above, but in a way I’m glad I did. Despite his childish backhands, Mr. Long took the time to address my criticism rather than simply dismiss me as some namby-pamby leftie, and henceforth I have a much better understanding of his position.

My response? I still don’t agree with him, but he’s entitled to his opinion, however wrong he may be. That’s the beauty of the Internet, I suppose.