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Give The Public What They Want

So, Vince McMahon is becoming very desparate to turn things around, eh?

Here’s a tip, Vince: give the public what they want, not what you want.

Does he even understand how they got beaten in the ratings week after week by WCW? Bischoff didn’t have any hang-ups about smaller, lighter wrestlers – he filled his shows with them and they entertained, leaving the fans begging for more when the big guns came out – but it seems Vince and his cronies do. If they didn’t, I don’t think Jerry Lynn would have been told they didn’t have a niche for him.

Freshen the product. Even if you have to copy what others have done (WCW’s cruiserweight undercard; the NWA-TNA X division), it’ll be different and much more attractive than what you’ve got going on now.