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Music Is My Life

I bought 15 CD’s and a book at the end of my shift today, the above-mentioned record being one of them. I know that might seem like a lot, but what can I say? I’m addicted to music.

In related news, when Olan leaves to move to Australia for a year, I will be the new store contact for the Shellshock rep, which basically means that I’m gonna be the back catalogue underground metal buyer (the rock and pop buyers will deal with the popular stuff). Although it’s not an official title or position, I’m still obviously really psyched about it. And it’ll even look great on my CV!

Spreaking of Olan and metal, his band will be recording a demo before he leaves to stir up some label interest (are you listening, Relapse Records?!). Hopefully I’ll get my hands on a copy, since they’re an amazing band. If you’re a fan of death metal or grindcore, get your hands on their latest album, Nadir (produced by Mieszko Talarczyk of Swedish grind lords Nasum). I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.