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The Bisch Is Back

So Eric Bischoff has joined World Wrestling Entertainment. That was a bit of a shocker, eh? It seems that most of the company’s own employees were taken aback as much as I am.

I especially got a chuckle out of these little nuggets:

Bradshaw: “…the son of a bitch tried to run us out of business, he messed with every one of our livelihoods…”

Didn’t your boss, Vince McMahon, do exactly that to the independent territories back in the ’80’s? Didn’t he just do it to WCW last year? Bradshaw, you are a plonker of the highest order.

Triple H: “Believe me, he starts to screw up our product and I’ll be the first one to kick his ass.”

Excuse me, but isn’t the product already screwed up? And isn’t it partly your own fault? I mean, you’re not exactly Mr. Popular around the locker room, are you?