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Is it Really So Wrong to Like Rush?

We were playing this new compilation CD in work yesterday caled Rock Monsters. One of those RAWK-type comps that someone might stick on at a party for an ironic laugh, but then get drawn in and realise that, deep down inside, they actually like it.

Now it goes without saying that this particular album is by no means perfect (the edit of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun cuts out most of Kim Thayil’s main solo, while Blue Öyster Cult’s Don’t Fear The Reaper is butchered beyond belief, with the whole breakdown and solo section removed) but there are a couple of jems.

Ram Jam’s Black Betty for one. I’d never given it much time before, but there’s some neat time-changing going on there that reminded me of the Dillinger Escape Plan. Seriously.

But even better than that was an infectious rocker that seemed like four songs blended together. I was mesmirised. It was fantastic. I checked the track number on the CD player against the inlay card.

It was The Spirit Of Radio.

My lord, I’m still humming it in my head right now.

Is it really so wrong to like Rush?