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New Records

We’ve been playing a couple of new records in the shop this week which have caught my ear.

Like the new album from Ben Kweller. You know, the scrawny kid who was in that shite band Radish? Anyway, he resurfaced sometime last year, with a support slot on Evan Dando’s tour. Al told me he was selling his album in the jacks at Whelans, which is kinda creepy, it has to be said, but look at him now – the boy done good. His output is now a whole world away from that Radish toss. The influences may be kinda obvious – Weezer, with a splash of Ben Folds and a twist of Elvis Costello – but it works. His songs are bounce-on-your-feet hummable but not in a throwaway bubblegum sense.

Also, the new Bright Eyes album came in yesterday, and made its way onto the stereo at the end of the evening. When I read that it is apparently a concept album based on The Neverending Story, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I’m pleased to report that it’s pretty damn good. It wasn’t immediate, but after a few songs I can’t deny that I was drawn in. I’m gonna get it next week.

Tomorrow I will be enjoying the sounds of yesterday’s staff sale: Scratch Acid, The Shins (thanks Mat for turning me on to them), The Pattern and Moss Icon. Bit of a mixture there. Should keep me going for a few days, at least.