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Nothing Special

We don’t get VICE Magazine in Ireland; the reason being that we don’t have any VICE stores here. But I am actually acquainted with the publication, having perused a few copies during my stay in Toronto at the ManHole, so I am writing here from experience.

It’s not bad at all, particularly since it’s free. Excellent design, some well-written, entertaining articles, and a generally good ear to the musical underground. I liked VICE, and I respected their judgment.

However, they seem to have an unhealthy fixation with The Streets for some reason. So much so, in fact, that they’ve just started up a record label specifically to release Original Pirate Material in North America.

Maybe it’s because he’s British, and therefore by default has to be revered. (I mean, come on, Belle & Sebastian? They’re twee and fey and shite. Just admit it.)

Whatever the case, I just cannot agree with them. Mark Skinner (aka The Streets) is a purveyor of garage music. With a twist, maybe – and yes, more legitimate musically than the fucking So Solid Crew – but still garage music. And garage music is inherently crap.

I have listened to his album – I have listened to it repeatedly, when I was working in the basement at the large music store – and it gets old very, very quickly. He also has a really annoying voice.

Listen up VICE: The Streets is not the future of music. Why don’t you kids big-up the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or something? They’re not perfect, but at least they’re not garage.