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The Dillinger Escape Plan

I’m sure that my opinion will alter somewhat in the future, with more experience, but as of right now I officially declare The Dillinger Escape Plan to be the greatest live band in the world.

They simply killed tonight. Most of the fucking poseurs there didn’t have a clue how to react, but for the 50% of us who were there for the music, we lapped up every minute of it.

It’s amazing how they can pull off what they do, with such awkward time signatures, the stop-start dynamic, and absolutely phenomenal percussion patterns. They must practice every spare hour they can get.

The Icarus Line were excellent too. Their sound is a tad more sludgier now, they played slowed-down versions of a lot of their songs from Mono. I don’t think the crowd really got them either, but what the fuck do they know, eh?

As for the opening band, Shat, what can I say about a band with a naked drummer in an old-man mask, a baby-masked guitarist in a dirty nappy, and a singer wearing only a jock strap and a helmet with five foot-long dildos glued onto it (oh, and the singer and guitarist were also wearing enormous strap-ons)? Their CD has 65 songs on it, so I kinda had to buy it.

Oh, and since I’ve mentioned buying stuff, gotta give props to the nice lady (later, nice topless lady) who manned the merch stand. She had cool glasses.