Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Watching Movies

Keyboard problems sorted: I swopped the one that shipped with my eMac for a proper local version, with all the keys in the right place, in town this afternoon.

While I was there I also got a 250mb Zip drive for my mp3s and stuff, so – if everything works like it’s supposed to – I should have fully migrated to the Mac by the end of next week.

It’s a really nice day here today. Too nice for me. It’s very warm, the skies are clear and the sun is beating down like a giant klieg light. Too many people in town as usual, I hate it and I hate them. If I could I would much perfer to do all my shopping online, like I did last night when I bought this. Yeah, I admit it, I’m a total Blogger shill.

I’ve seen a lot of movies this week. Besides Signs, I saw Monsters, Inc. on Wednesday morning on DVD. I was quite impressed; it’s those little nuances that make it great, the stuff that kids won’t notice. Thursday night I went to see The Bourne Identity with Grover. I had been expecting it to be pretty crappy but it wasn’t bad at all. Lots of action – including a great car chase that actually seemed authentic (no massive explosions and other such Hollywoodisms). My only criticism is that it’s yet another in a long line of recent movies that portrays Europe as being plagued by perpetual bad weather. Nothing but snow-covered or rainy streets, and endless grey skies. You know California doesn’t have a monopoly on the good stuff.

Oh, and I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but there was nothing else on TV, and I am a sentimental chap at heart: some time this week I saw the second half of Larger Than Life. Please don’t hold it against me. I mean, Janeane Garofalo‘s in it, so if it was good enough for her….

The IFC are having their annual Open Day today, this year celebrating their 10th anniversary. Free movies all day in both screens, plus the Cinemobile parked in the Bank of Ireland on College Green. The Cinemobile is great; it’s an articulated lorry that turns into a cinema. Genius.

Speaking of the IFC, I’m going to see Crumb tomorrow afternoon. I was supposed to go yesterday, but my credit card bill arrived and I decided to go to the bank to pay it off, like the responsible adult I am. I’m half way through setting up my account so I can do that online in future.