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Friday Five #33

Yep. Late again.


1. What is your favorite scary movie?

That would be Ring, followed in second place by A Nightmare on Elm Street.

2. What is your favorite Halloween treat?

I don’t have one. That’s not to say that I don’t like chocolate and sweets and stuff; I just don’t have an out-and-out favourite.

3. Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, describe your best Halloween costume.

I don’t, or at least haven’t done for years. Too expensive in terms of money and time to come up with anything really good (or that hasn’t been stolen by anyone else). Plus my physique doesn’t really accomodate the best ideas too well. When I was a kid, though, I went as Batman one year. I think I was 10 at the time. It was a cool costume. I had the cape and everything, and a brilliant mask that my mum helped me to make (or rather, I helped my mum to make) out of newspaper layout card and black duct tape. It was sweet.

4. Do you enjoy going to haunted houses or other spooky events?

If we had them, I would, but over here people don’t seem to go all out for the spooky experience, or even the really fun experience. It’s just another excuse for people to get drunk here. That being said, I did see the coolest thing last Hallowe’en, when walking down Grafton Street I passed three geezers impersonating the Scousers (of Harry Enfield fame), curly wigs and fake tashes and all. That was inspired.

5. Will you dress up for Halloween this year?

Not this year. But next year I’m planning to dress up as Jushin Liger.