Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Friday Five #40


1. Where do you currently work?

Right now I’m unemployed, having quit my job at the end of last month. But I am using the time I have now to write and read a lot.

2. How many other jobs have you had and where?

I’ve only had two proper jobs. The first was at a nearby multiscreen cinema, the summer The Phantom Menace came out. I liked it there at first, until I realised how crap it actually was. (Except the ice cream stand; I think I was the only member of staff who enjoyed being rostered there – I liked being on my own.) I left after six months because the hours, even though part-time, were really affecting my college work. The following summer, however, I was kinda despearate for money, and they took me back on. I stayed for a month, that month was even worse than even the previous six months altogether; there were only 20 of us on staff, so on average we all worked a 40+ hour week, mostly late shifts. It was fucking shite. I left when a large music store offered me a job.

Compared to the cinema, the large music store was a cake walk. The work was easy, the money wasn’t bad and the people were cool enough. And the perks too: many free gig tickets, and sweet, sweet discounts. It was great, really. It only started sucking for me a few months ago, during my third tour of duty, with all the crap that I’m not going to bore you with. When I started wishing I was going home for the day before I even got there, I knew it was time to leave.

3. What do you like best about your job?

What I like best about my current situation is doing what I want, when I want, not having an asshole boss on my back, and more importantly not having asshole customers in my face.

4. What do you like least about your job?

What I like least right now is my lack of discipline. I keep sleeping late every morning, and I really don’t want to. I need to make a schedule for myself.

5. What is your dream job?

Every time I think about what my dream job would be, my concept of it changes. Whatever it is, it will involve information, lots of reading and research, and writing. And hopefully getting lots of free CDs and stuff.