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Smarty Pants

The (British) National IQ Test took place last night. It was actually quite difficult, for a multiple choice exam.
The time alloted for each question was quite short and very strict, and doesn’t accurately reflect the true test environment (or at least what I know of it). Not only that, but linking the answers to the letters and the letters to the spaces on the scorecard adds to the mental processing factor and takes a significant chunk out of this time.
(Also, I missed the answer to the fifth question because they gave them out so fast.)
Despite the setbacks, however, my result was a respectable 118 (I thought 120, but after double-checking I actually got the fifth _and_ the sixth questions wrong). This is compared to my score of 136 when I did the IQ test at Emode; due to the conditions of the test, I think this score is a closer approximation of my actual intelligence quotient.
Whatever the case, it means I’m smart, and I thought I’d brag about it. So there. It’s my weblog and I’ll brag if I want to.
I should really write off to Mensa for one of their self-test booklets. It’s not like I have that much else to do these days.