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Job search update

A few moments ago, totally out of the blue, I got a phone call from an employment agency.

They were following up on details, they said, from the CV I sent through a recruitment website sometime last week. I had actually applied for a particular job (a nine-to-five sales assistant vacancy for some unnamed trade retailer) but I didn’t expect to hear anything more about it. Hence my surprise at this call, especially since it wasn’t even about the job I had applied for.

So I wasn’t exactly prepared, and mumbled some garbled nonsense about my job preferences for a couple of minutes. (I’m much more articulate when I can write things down, I swear.) They said they’d let me know of any available positions in a few days.

I won’t hold my breath. But even if they do call back I have a feeling I won’t be suited to anything they’d have to offer. I’m just too picky.