Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.


Today brings the debut of Omnivore, a new creative writing site based on the theme of taste.
Now I know that might seem very restrictive at first glance, but let the editor, Tom at Infovore, explain things more clearly:

As the tagline says, the good things in life taste good. Omnivore is a creative writing site that subscribes to that mantra. All the writing on it is inspired by taste – be it the taste of food, of places, or of people. At regular intervals, a new piece of writing by one of the Omnivore team will be uploaded for your pleasure. It could be anything – narrative, commentary, recipe, list. All that matters is that the writing is as tasty as the experiences contained within it.

I bring this to your attention because, yes, I am one of the Omnivore team. I thought it was high time to branch out a bit, to flex my creative muscles, so when the opportunity arose I lunged at it, quite hungrily. (Many thanks to the ed. for having me aboard.)
My first contribution should be available for your reading pleasure in a couple of weeks. Until then, pay a visit and allow my colleagues to entertain you.