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Days of Christmas

And so another Christmas is over…

Thank Christ for that!

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s done with, even though this year was a relatively quiet one — almost completely stress free, for a change. And I did get some nice presents, a couple of which can be found here. But nevertheless, I ate far too much, sat through hours of crappy television in a vain attempt to ‘unwind’, and spent virtually every other waking moment getting my computer back in working order.

You see, I installed Panther on Christmas Day. Or rather, I attempted to install Panther. But Panther didn’t like the state of my hard disk, and wouldn’t install using the archive-and-install option, nor the standard upgrade method. The glitch could not be repaired with the OS X Disk Utility, and I wasn’t about to wait a few days to spent over €70 on more powerful disk repair software just to fix one teeny little error. Even though I had backed up all of my vitally important data to CD-ROM a few days before in a sudden burst of inspiration, I really didn’t want to have to wipe the disk and start from scratch. But alas, that was what I had to do.

At least Panther saved me any further headaches by installing smoothly in a matter of minutes. And in a way, wiping the disk was like having a brand new computer to play with again. A few days of uploading and importing all the necessary bits and pieces later, and things are finally getting back to normal around here, with a change or two.

For one, I’m replacing Camino with Safari for my browsing purposes. Not that it’s radically different or significantly better (in fact the lack of bookmark importability is a major drawback — I’m torturing myself by doing it manually) but Safari just happens to look prettier than Camino, particularly using tabbed browsing.

And secondly, with Panther’s improved text smoothing capabilities, I noticed how ugly my site has been looking. I toyed with the idea of a whole new look, but whatever design I could think of would be ripping off someone else’s, and I’m still quite fond of the monochrome thing I’ve got going on. So instead, I made a couple of minor style sheet changes over the weekend. I think it looks slightly more classy now.

And that’s what I’ve been doing with myself for the last week or so (minus the stuff I’m not telling you, that is). Another Christmas done and dusted — how was yours?