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Invisible in Osaka

According to a report in today’s Guardian, the corpse of a homeless man lay rotting on a Japanese city street for two months:

For two months, the body of an elderly man was ignored by passersby as it lay rotting on a street corner in Osaka, a short walk from a department store and a big railway station.


“I guess the place where the body was found is kind of a blind spot for passersby,” a spokesman for Hankyu department store, Masaaki Takahashi, told Kyodo news agency. “We didn’t receive any inquiries or comments from our customers. There was no big stir among our employees either.”

My first reaction to reading this piece was the typical ‘How shocking! People there are so ignorant!’ response. But after having a good think about it, it’s surprising that something similar hasn’t yet happened here. The way public attitudes are regressing, it’s only a matter of time.