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Ulysses Update #3

About an hour ago (and a week before the deadline, too) I completed my personal challenge; I can now hold my head high with pride and declare with the greatest confidence that yes, I _have_ read James Joyce’s Ulysses, and I enjoyed every word of it.
Well, maybe not _every_ word. I did find that I had to concentrate a lot more than how I normally read, but perhaps I was just extra cautious and/or determined to get the most out of the experience, due to its reputation.
But anyway. As I promised at the outset, I have beside me a chilled glass of the finest South African wine (rosé), and I shall henceforth repose to reflect upon my great achievement, having scaled this literary Matterhorn.*

*I would say ‘literary Everest’, but I think Finnegan’s Wake deserves that title, and that’s a mountain I’m just not ready to climb. Maybe some day…