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Bloomsday Notes

So today was the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday, the day on which the events of James Joyce’s Ulysses take place. And it completely passed me by, as I had other, more pressing matters at hand.
But I feel that I’ve already done my bit, and more than others. Regular readers will recall my personal challenge to read the book in question late last year (I wrote about it here, here, here and here) and to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the experience, which has since given me a smug sense of superiority over literature-phobic philistines and pompous academics alike.
And if I can do it, you can do it too! Starting today, you can subscribe to Ulysses: One Page Every Day, an RSS feed of the text in its entirety as sourced from the Project Gutenberg collection. (Thanks to Matt Webb for the linkage.)
Isn’t that a wonderful use of technology? Maybe one day, RSS will become the de facto format for reading more difficult works.