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The Voting Conundrum

Yesterday, polling stations across Ireland were opened for a triple-header of local council elections, European Parliament elections, and the citizenship referendum.
And for the first time in my enfranchised life, I’m ashamed to admit, until I got my ballot papers I had _no freaking idea_ what or who to vote for.
Call me apathetic if you will, but you’d be wrong. It’s not my fault I have a distaste for pretty much every political party and/or politician in this country, and I would rather not have to settle for the lesser of all evils whenever voting time comes around, thank you very much.
Oh I’ll do it anyway, because I always do it, even though it feels like a waste of a vote. But since I’m not about to start spoling my vote, because that’s even more wasteful, what else am I going to do? Start my own party?!