Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

A Pause in Proceedings

I haven’t been very productive here lately, have I? It’s a far cry from last summer, that’s for sure. I wrote some of my best stuff this time last year. Then again, I did have a lot of time on my hands.
Speaking of time, I’ve been spending much of it at work. I’ve been back there just over a month now, and I’m pleased to say I won’t be tearing my hair out any day soon. It definitely helps that I’m only a part-timer; I can work full-time hours here and there without the job (which, although I whinge and moan about it sometimes, is a great job to have) becoming this big black cloud over my head. Heck, even the customers are less annoying now! (That’s not to say that they’re not annoying, because they most certainly are — only slightly less than I remembered.)
The rest of my time, save for my quasi-religious music devotion, has been taken up by reading: plenty of books, magazines, newspapers, other people’s weblogs, and pretty much anything with text written or printed on it. Unfortunately, this activity, while personally beneficial, has been at the expense of providing fresh content for, well, whoever reads this thing. I do expect, however, that this situation will change sooner rather than later. Just consider the current state of affairs a _pause in proceedings_.
In the interim, of course, there’s still the Linklog to keep you lot happy. After all, it’s far easier to dash out a quick link on its own rather than cooking up paragraphs of waffle to go with it.