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Date: September 2004

Back to School

The posting drought ends today.
More than two years since my last college class, I began my postgraduate degree course in journalism earlier this week. No, it’s definitely not a dream any more.
My observations thus far:

  • The classes are diverse and engaging, covering all the bases; finally some real food for my malnourished grey matter!
  • The people are friendly, smart, interesting and interested; we’re all from different backgrounds and different levels of experience, so I expect we’ll learn a lot from each other.
  • The workload, when it picks up, will be heavy, and there’s a high standard expected of us, but it’s all manageable.
  • The college building itself is small compared to others, but still a bit of a maze to navigate. I did manage to find the library, however, which is where I am right now, sitting in a comfortable chair, logged onto the free Wi-Fi network with my trusty iBook. Nice.

You know, I think I’ll get used to this.


My First Notebook

Apple iBook G4, sitting on a stack of unread newspapers.

Apologies for the lack of content this week, but I’ve been busy playing with my latest toy: a brand-spanking-new Apple iBook G4. Isn’t it beautiful?