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Taboo Tuesday

Have you voted for Taboo Tuesday yet?
For the grapple-phobic among you, Taboo Tuesday is the first major pro wrestling show where the fans get to vote online to decide the stipulations for the matches.
I’ve just cast my ballot, and — you guessed it — I’ll be staying up tonight for the live event. Wrestling has been going through the motions lately, at least for me, but I’m all giddy at the prospect of this show.
Sure, I might have a full day of classes tomorrow, but this is the first pay-per-view the WWF has held on a weeknight in over a decade, and a concept as interesting (and as blatantly simple) as this one just might pique my interest again. I hope.
If you’ll be voting yourself, you’d better get in fast as the polls close tonight. And do yourself a favour by voting for Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin; you won’t be sorry.