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Explosions in London

Every news channel here is reporting on a series of explosions in central London this morning. There are reports of blasts in a number of stations along the Metropolitan Circle and Piccadilly underground lines, as well as an explosion on what appears to be a tour bus a no. 30 bus near King’s Cross.
The Guardian Newsblog is updating as news comes in, while Barbelith has a real-time conversation with some people caught up in the situation, mostly just reporting on what the newspaper websites and rolling news channels are saying. It could be an al-Qaeda attack — a statement from an affiliated group claiming responsibility has just been issued — but at this stage it could be anything.
I’m watching BBC News 24 right now. From a reporting standpoint, they’re doing a great job so far; less sensationalism than the rest, and they’re breaking the news faster.
I’m hearing now about suspect packages, alleged to have been found around the city, some in places where myself and Benitha were in January. I’m also reading about incidents in other parts of South-East England. If you’re reading this and you’re there (and especially if you know me) please get in touch or leave a comment.

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