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Date: November 2005

No more compulsory Irish for the Leaving Cert?

There shouldn't be any compulsory maths, either. If they expect us -- as they do -- to choose subjects for the senior cycle based on what we'd like to do when we leave school, then surely we should have the choice to drop maths if we so desire. I would have in a heartbeat. #link

Hong Kong walk signal

Dublin traffic light signals are similar, but the sound patterns for green and red are more distinct. #link

London Topological

Exploring London's clandestine underworld -- which is something Dublin is sadly missing, at least on this scale. #link

Semantics in the Wild

Interesting article on informal semantic metadata in web code, as opposed to just semantic usage of HTML tags, which is something I've tried to implement here. Just my little contribution to the Semantic Web. [c/o SimpleBits] #link

The end of One Big Text File

I don't know. I see what he's doing there, but I'm happy sticking with my Big Text File for now. The key, I think, is to not use it for archival, but only the stuff you intend to work with. Anything else can go in a folder as a separate file, just like you'd do if it was hard copy. #link


Instrumental post-rock from France. A friend of mine is helping promote their short Irish tour next week; if you like early Don Caballero, like I do, they'll be right up your street. #link

Concert Zones

Tim O Thompson proposes a new solution to concert disturbances:
> Perhaps you could have concert zones. You could have the singing/drumming/air guitar zone, the text messaging zone, the marijuana smoking zone, the unlimited talking zone (somewhere in the back third), the sweaty zone, the drunks zone, the tall guy zone and the dancing with myself zone.
May I also suggest: a zone where they give you noise-cancelling headphones connected directly to the soundboard. That would be great.

Goodbye, 38 Routemasters

I never did get a chance to ride on one. Sure, times change and things evolve, but London's losing a big part of its character. #link