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Date: January 2006

Vacation time

Tomorrow morning I set off for my month-long getaway in South Africa. I’ve got a long day’s travelling ahead, as I’m not due to arrive in Johannesburg until 6:45am on Wednesday. However, knowing that the gorgeous Bee will be there waiting for me should help the time fly by quick enough.

While I’m there I may have an opportunity to post here now and again, or then again, I may not. I may also take lots of photos for future posting, or then again, I may not. But one thing is for certain: I will have a fantastic time, and make lots of people very jealous in the process.

Harper's Yearly Review for 2005

Twelve months boiled down to three paragraphs by Paul Ford. Needless to say it's America-centric. I guess the rest of the world needs its own yearly review. #link


A dissertation-length meditation on the increasing interconnectedness of the modern world, by Mark Pesce. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I might find the time on my travels next week. #link

The year of the digital citizen

In 2005, tragedy served as a catalyst for a technologically-empowered citizenry to take some measure of control over the media. Small potatoes in the big scheme of things, yes, but nonetheless incredibly significant. What we need to see now, of course, is what the public can do with this newfound influence when there is no major event to react to. #link

Grocer's Apostrophe on Flickr

Id est, grammatical mistakes in public signage. Some are less annoying than others, such as the ones that subscribe to the 'if in doubt, leave it out' philosophy; I mean, you can always add in your own apostrophe if you're desperate enough [c/o del.icio.us/torrez]. #link

Moisture! & nibbl.org

Two new tumblelogs to enjoy. (Not at all to be confused with this site, which is merely tumble-esque.) #link


Online magazine featuring 360-degree panoramas from around the world. Filed here for exploring at a later date. #link

Robots. Better than people?

Notes on an Economist article about the Japanese relationship with robots. They get along well, it seems, because they don't have the fear. One of the benefits of cultural isolationism, maybe? #link

What Would D. Boon Do?

Marking the 20th anniversary of his passing last month. Start your own band, paint your own picture, write your own book. #link

Renzo Piano on Paris, peripheries and progress

The notes on peripheries are particularly thought-provoking. I can see the same problems in Dublin's peripheral sprawl, where giant shopping malls have sprung up, taking the place of true community centres of commerce and interaction in the satellite towns, in a half-hearted effort to patch up the mistakes involved in their conception. #link

Ambient Findability: Talking with Peter Morville

The more information we have to deal with -- and believe me, the volume is growing at a near-exponential rate -- the more necessary it will be for this information to be 'stored', tagged and thereafter located. And that's even just thinking of sources of news. I'm looking forward to reading Morville's book sometime this year for his ideas and theories on the subject. #link

"Little Red Book prompts DHS visit" was Big Fat Lie

I had a funny feeling about the story from the beginning. If it was true then surely the guy would've been arrested and interned, no? Scary to think that the truth could be more shocking than the fiction, but that's the world we live in today. #link

Hello, would you like a free book?

Yes I would, thank you very much. And if I didn't already have three of them, I would've taken at least five. Reading isn't just a 'women's thing', despite McEwan's little social experiment. #link

Dusk Drive

Beautiful images. The colours remind me of winter in South Africa, seen from the car window. #link

weblog conversation

Data visualisation used to discover why bloggers join specific conversations in multi-author blogs. #link

Yahoo! Answers

It's hopelessly clogged with bullshit, and Ask MetaFilter is better anyway, but it might be worth exploring if you have the time or the patience. #link