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Date: February 2006

Panic on the streets of Dublin

Good analysis from Slugger as always. I have to say, the whole thing took me by surprise. Loyalist march? In Dublin? Huh? But whatever my philosophical objections to the march, what happened in town on Saturday was a disgrace. It wasn't a protest; it was just out-and-out criminality. I agree with the one commenter on a related post who observed of the rioting that "a few people ... throw a few stones then every junkie and scumbag within a radius of ten miles arrives lookin [sic] for a mill." That's certainly what it looked like to me (from the comfort of my own home, admittedly). #link


Four things

It seems that in my absence I was tapped by both Mat and Matt (aren’t I the popular one?) to participate in the ‘Four Things’ meme which, it being late Feburary as I write this, is so over and totally last month and all but dead by now.

But hey, I’ve never been one to catch onto these net fads on time. And besides, it makes for a cheap and simple way to break the writer’s block and ease myself back into this blogging lark, now that I’m stuck here once again in deepest, darkest Dublin. So here goes.