Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Four things

It seems that in my absence I was tapped by both Mat and Matt (aren’t I the popular one?) to participate in the ‘Four Things’ meme which, it being late Feburary as I write this, is so over and totally last month and all but dead by now.

But hey, I’ve never been one to catch onto these net fads on time. And besides, it makes for a cheap and simple way to break the writer’s block and ease myself back into this blogging lark, now that I’m stuck here once again in deepest, darkest Dublin. So here goes.

Four Three jobs I’ve had:

  1. Cinema operative (read: concession stand guy).
  2. Music store sales assistant (read: ephemeral knowledge guy).
  3. Freelance journalist (read: jobless bum guy).

Four movies I could watch repeatedly:

  1. Billy Madison. I hate Adam Sandler, but I love this movie.
  2. Sweet Smell of Success. I need to get this on DVD.
  3. The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Took me completely by surprise.
  4. All the President’s Men. Another must for the collection.

Four Two places I’ve lived:

  1. Dublin, Ireland.
  2. Pretoria, South Africa (only for a month, but a great month).

Four TV shows I love to watch:

  1. University Challenge.
  2. MythBusters.
  3. The Daily Show.
  4. Family Guy.

Four places I’ve been on holiday:

  1. Pretoria, South Africa, 2006.
  2. Ghent, Belgium, 2001.
  3. Paris, France, 1998.
  4. Nottingham, England, 1996.

Four of my favourite dishes:

  1. My homemade naan bread pizza. Trust me, it’s gorgeous.
  2. Sandwich on thick-sliced wholemeal bread with chicken, grated cheese, Hellmann’s chip sauce, dijonnaise and a potato farl. Yes, a potato farl.
  3. The gyoza dumplings at Wagamama; expensive but delicious.
  4. That thing Benitha improvised with the chicken breasts and the noodles a couple of weeks ago. That was great.

Four websites I visit daily (even though I use NetNewsWire so I don’t really ‘visit’ any):

  1. Guardian Unlimited. It’s so good, I buy it on paper too.
  2. Pitchfork. Yeah. I know.
  3. 411 Wrestling News. For all my wrestling needs.
  4. Express Train. One of many photoblogs I frequent.

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. In Pretoria, with Benitha.
  2. In New York, looking up at the skyscrapers.
  3. In Tokyo, at a wrestling show.
  4. In London, at Tate Modern.

Four people I am tagging:

  1. Grover.
  2. Dave R.
  3. John.
  4. Piglet.